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  • AI-powered personalization in real time
  • Content connected and performance measured

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Our cases are expensive, due to technical complexity, but deflection translates into ROI of well over 1,000%. Coveo has transformed search for our website, our portal, and internally, for the Support teams.

Dave Jobling
Senior Program Manager of User Experience

Connect your knowledge and channels

Connect your knowledge and channels

  • 55+ pre-built connectors Index your knowledge with ready-to-use connectors supporting over 100 content types.
  • Premium native integrations Plug Coveo right into Salesforce, ServiceNow, or Zendesk to get started easily. Access enhanced out-of-the-box features and get automatic release updates.
  • Omni-channel experience personalization Bring intelligent search and recommendations into your top self-service channels. Connect websites, portals, communities, chatbots, and products, for seamless and relevant experiences across.

Deflect cases with AI

Deflect cases with AI

  • Search tuned for success With Coveo, search suggestions and results are continuously tuned and optimized based on language cues and successful self-service outcomes.
  • Personalized interactions Connect customer signals across platforms to deepen your personalization of as-you-type suggestions, search results, and recommendations.
  • Proactive support Automate recommendations that can anticipate customer needs based on previous interactions and queries.
  • Intelligent case deflection Power your case submission forms with intelligent case deflection to recommend helpful knowledge before a customer submits a case.

Measure and boost self-service success

Measure and boost self-service success

  • Case deflection & cost savings reporting With Coveo, you can track the number of cases you deflect and associate cost savings for each issue an agent doesn’t need to handle. Easily demonstrate value with service-focused reports.
  • Automatic content gap identification Anytime a customer searches and doesn’t find helpful content, Coveo keeps track of that query, so you can automatically see content gaps in your community knowledge base.
  • Omnichannel search & service analytics Track search effectiveness and keep tabs on content trends across channels. Get actionable service metrics you can use to fine-tune your self-service experiences, including queries per channel, recommendations clicks, and visit trends.
  • Deeper analytics Feed your Google Analytics data into your Coveo Usage Analytics for a fuller picture. You can also log Coveo events with Google Tag Manager to track specific events

Find the support you need

  • Free support site assessment Not sure where to start when it comes to improving findability? Send us your site URL and we’ll help you identify the top opportunities.
  • Customer success & support We offer a support system to help ensure your success, including online training, product coaching, and health reviews.
  • 150+ trusted partners From system integrators to technology partners and agencies, find the right partner to accelerate your success.

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