Customer Self-service

Self-service options they’ll actually use

When a question comes up, connect customers to the best answer faster – on your website, portal, app, or other digital channels. You can do it, with the leader in AI for self-service.

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Increase self-service success and case deflection with AI-powered search at the core of your self-service experience

Make answers easily accessible, regardless of where they live – in an article, YouTube video, community post, you name it

Recommend content based on what has solved problems before

Coveo’s machine learning detects customer intent and uses previous interaction data to predict the content most likely to satisfy your customers right now.

See how customers interact with content, and optimize the experience

With in-depth search and experience analytics, measure case deflection, identify content gaps, and track cost savings for every case deflected.
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Help customers, dealers, and partners solve common issues instantly

Address simple questions quickly with AI-assisted self-service, freeing up your agents for more complex and unknown issues.
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