Customer Self-Service

Today’s empowered customers want to solve issues on their own. Why stand in their way? Coveo delivers AI-powered search within your self-service site so customers can easily and quickly find the most relevant solutions.

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Increase self-service success and case deflection by putting search at the core of your self-service experience

Company knowledge becomes easily accessible to customers, enabling them to find what they’re looking for, regardless of where it resides.


Recommend information based on what others have found helpful before

Machine Learning gathers insight from your data and learns from the crowd to predict what information is most helpful to suggest next.

Coveo Machine Learning helps us create and deliver even better experiences for our partners automatically, without us having to analyze the analytics and manually tune the engine. The results so far look very good.

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Understand how online visitors are interacting with your content

Usage Analytics allow you to measure case deflection and learn what content gaps exist, enabling you to continually improve customer satisfaction.
Usage Analytics

Help customers and partners solve routine issues online

Efficient self-service ensures that only complex cases are saved for assisted support channels.
Search Suggestions

Visitors to the portal love the new search experience.

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