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Meet the single platform that makes AI-powered relevance effortless, with results on Day 1.

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From a single search to an entire user journey, Coveo powers the digital experiences people expect – whether they’re your customers, your partners, or your own teams. Easily index content, crunch loads of data, and bring people to the right content sooner. Remove the friction that disengages your users and deliver great experiences that improve with every interaction.

A platform for the modern developer

Our API-led architecture gives you the freedom to integrate and extend the Coveo relevance platform to meet the complexity of your needs. Start from scratch or accelerate development with pre-built connectors and SDK.

The proof is in the tech-ing

  • Applied AI Not all AI is created equal. With Coveo, machine learning models are ready to use. Just plug in our platform, choose your models, and let the data do the training.
  • Pre-built integrations Connect to hundreds of sources and countless systems, from Salesforce and Sitecore to ServiceNow and AppDirect. Unify your content, understand your visitors, and embed AI-powered relevance at every touchpoint along the customer journey.
  • Developer toolkit Our libraries for different programming languages and platforms make it easy to embed AI and configure your interface. And when in doubt, our expert community is always there to help.
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The proof is in the tech-ing

Built to grow, built for tomorrow

  • Scalable Tap into a global cloud infrastructure that auto-scales while ensuring every experience is responsive and performant. No friction. No latency. Plus, easily share data across departments and business units.
  • Reliable High-availability, reliability, and redundancy – that’s how we work. Our systems operate with 99.9%+ uptime and are certified to the highest standards in SaaS.
  • Constantly optimized Want the fastest-improving relevance platform? We release new features, functions, and fixes multiple times per day, to help you stay at the cutting edge of digital leadership.
  • Trustworthy Segregate and encrypt data both in transit and at rest while meeting compliance requirements for the regions you serve. Plus, rest assured that your data always remains your own.
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