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Make every digital experience a relevant one

Meet the single platform that makes AI-powered relevance effortless, with results on Day 1.

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Remove friction & let AI simplify

Remove friction & let AI simplify

From a single search to an entire user journey, increase the relevance of your experiences at every touchpoint. Easily index content and crunch loads of data. So you can bring your customers, partners, or teams to the right content sooner. Get 360° relevance for Ecommerce, Service, and the Workplace.


Build fast & flexibly


Build fast & flexibly

Start from scratch or accelerate development with pre-built integrations and tools for every stack. Our API-led architecture lets you integrate and extend the Coveo relevance platform to meet your needs.
Build with the best

Easy indexing

Index any kind of content simply and securely. Make the most of 55+ pre-built connectors, or use our Push API and code samples to build your own.

Out-of-the-box AI

Our easy-to-configure machine learning models are continuously optimized. So you can let AI personalize content, not thousands of rules.

Your UI, your way

Build a UI from scratch, use our WYSIWYG, or combine the two. With this level of flexibility, you can build quickly and customize as you go.

  • Flexible Plug-in to any system. No matter how complex your tech stack is, it just works as one. Explore integrations
  • Fast Deliver lightning-fast speed and relevant results, in every search and every click. Check out our technology
  • Secure Protect every digital interaction with the highest levels of encryption and most advanced security controls. Learn about security

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