Intelligent Search & Recommendation System

Make every digital experience a relevant one

Meet the intelligent search platform designed to make content discovery effortless, with AI-powered results you can see starting on Day 1.

Coveo Relevance Cloud™

Capabilities Relevance at every touchpoint

From a single search to an entire user journey, increase the relevance of your experiences at every touchpoint with AI recommendation and personalization. Easily index content and crunch loads of data. So you can bring your customers, partners, or teams to the right content sooner. Get 360° relevance for Websites, Ecommerce, Service, and the Workplace.

  • Serve relevant content and answers quickly with automatic query completion and intelligently ranked results. Deepen your understanding of the people you serve with data and insights from every search.

  • Accurately predict what each person will want and automatically display the most relevant content for them. Connect search insights to interaction data from any touchpoint for a truly seamless experience.

  • Deliver content, interfaces, and journeys tailored to individuals, not segments. With a search and content personalization platform, AI tailors content instantly, letting clicks and queries shape the experience, not thousands of rules.

Cloud Infrastructure

Designed for secure, self-optimizing experiences

  • AI-powered relevance that scales

    With Coveo, you can deliver intuitive experiences that respond to context and behavior without overhauling your current technology infrastructure and team. See how you can provide intuitive search and discovery with easy-to-integrate AI.

  • Enterprise-grade security

    Security by design means governance inspired by ISO 27001, maturity models based on CoBIT, security processes defined by the ISM3, and measures taken from the NIST special publications.

For Developers

Build fast & flexibly

Start from scratch or accelerate development with pre-built integrations and tools for every stack. Our API-led architecture lets you integrate and extend Coveo’s intelligent search and content personalization platform to meet your needs.

  • Easy indexing Index any kind of content simply and securely. Make the most of 55+ pre-built connectors, or use our Push API and code samples to build your own.
  • Out-of-the-box AI Our easy-to-configure machine learning models are continuously optimized. So you can let AI personalize content, not thousands of rules.
  • Your UI, your way Build a UI from scratch, use our WYSIWYG, or combine the two. With this level of flexibility, you can build quickly and customize as you go.

Make every experience relevant with Coveo’s intelligent search platform

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