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Unify the data you already have to create relevant experiences that are valuable to your business with Coveo’s AI-powered platform.

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Your search problem is bigger than you think.

Search is so much more than a one-time act to find information. It is an experience designed to fulfill an individual intent, making it an ongoing opportunity for you to learn more about the behavior of your customers and provide the best experiences.

A search-based platform for the modern, digital business.

Coveo Cloud lets you stitch together every piece of content and understand every action. It cuts through the complexity in your data, and draws inferences from behavior, to get to the heart of what your users need at each step in the journey.

With this platform, you can make sure every digital interaction with your business is a meaningful one. So you're always delivering the right information, to the right person, at the right time.

Unify your Data Understand your AudienceImprove RelevanceAcross every Channel


Unify your data across all touchpoints.

Connect to hundreds of content types across thousands of sources by bringing it into a single, unified index. With all your data in one place, retrieval is effortless and enrichment is possible, all while remaining completely secure.

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It’s all about relevance. It’s all about content that is going to be meaningful to the individual. Without that, it’s noise.

Jamie Battin
Director of Customer Community, Ellucian

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