AI Search & Generative Answering at every enterprise point-of-experience

  • Secure & accurate
  • Easily deployed in 90 minutes
  • Outstanding results in 6 weeks

Why search relevance is critical for GenAI success

In Generative AI, not all Retrieval-Augmented Generation approaches are equal. Many oversimplify retrieval to a semantic similarity search in a vector database. This fails to provide the most relevant information to the LLM for generating optimal answers.

Coveo has mastered the comprehensive infrastructure required to manage, standardize, fine-tune, control, & self-optimize search result rankings across every point-of-experience. You get accurate, relevant answers that ensure enterprise-grade performance & reliability every time.

See Generative Answering in Action

How Generative Answering works

+30 connectors that create a secure “indexing pipeline” to 100s of systems

Includes document chunking & vector generation

All your enterprise data (PDFs, HTML files, docs…) in one place

Enriched lexical index



Vector Graph Structure

Your users search in a single “intent” box to get:

Generated answers [LLM] 

+Sources & Citations 

+Relevant search results

+Relevant paragraphs [LLM]

+Dynamic navigation & auto‑facets

+Disambiguation & re‑generation 


LLM-Generated follow-up questions


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Mature LLMs identify relevant snippets in your documents that encompass:

Search & Business Rules

Lexical Relevance

Behavioral AI-Relevance

Semantic Relevance Vectors

Users receive relevant content & results, citations, grounding & context Includes Prompt Engineering Generation

Generative Answering automatically improves by adapting to:

Data analytics

Behavioral & User Interaction Data

Business Outcomes Data

“CIO Headaches” cured by

Generative Answering

Bringing ROI to every point-of-experience

  • Websites
    50% Website conversion rate
  • Ecommerce
    10% Revenue per visit
  • Service
    21% Average case deflection
  • Workplace
    45% Time spent searching

Coveo timeline

Driving customer growth for 18+ years

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