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Behind the greatest discoveries lie collaboration and community. That’s why we believe in sharing our latest research on AI, NLP, and information retrieval.

Our research areas

Our mission is to develop AI applied to key business problems while pursuing bold ideas in key areas, from natural language (NLP/NLU) to machine learning operations (MLOps).



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Download curated and anonymized datasets we release to help advance AI and democratize research.

  • DATASET SIGIR eCOM 2021 Data Challenge Dataset We hosted the 2021 SIGIR eCom Data Challenge. This is the dataset containing utility scripts and information about data preparation and testing for the Challenge.
  • DATASET Cross-shop sessions and pre-trained product embeddings Dataset released with our SIGIR eCom 2020 paper titled “Fantastic Embeddings and How to Align Them: Zero-Shot Inference in a Multi-Shop Scenario”.
  • DATASET Anonymized Clickstream Ecommerce Data Dataset released in conjunction with our paper titled “Shopper Intent Prediction From Clickstream Ecommerce Data with Minimal Browsing Information”.

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