Site Search & Content Discovery

Digital experiences that convert

Effortlessly connect each visitor to the content they need with intelligent site search and recommendations. Personalize the experience and help them engage, learn, and convert.


Deliver unique and personalized experiences

  • Site search

    Make sure your site search is as intuitive for customers as the search engine that brought them there. Help them find what they need with as-you-type query suggestions, typo tolerance, relevance-based result rankings, and more.

  • Locator

    Don’t miss the mark with location search. Show visitors where to find you, your teams, and your products and services so you can sell offline just as effectively as you can online.

  • Multi-site search engine

    Let your website search engine unify your content and personalize your experiences. Easily manage multiple sites with shared content or distinguish different search experiences and the rules that govern them.

  • Dealer portals

    Your dealers are an extension of your organization. Give them access to all the information and support they need to best represent you to consumers.

  • Partner portals

    Help your partners to help themselves: give them access to the information they need, when they need it.

Top Features

Increase the impact of your website fast

  • Search

    Predictive search suggestions

    Provide typo-tolerant, predictive, and categorized search suggestions to help visitors formulate and refine their queries, and offer immediate feedback with result previews.

  • Translate

    Multilingual search results

    Index content and interpret queries in over 50 languages without the need for multiple indexes to serve your customers in different countries and regions.


  • Recommender

    Content recommendations

    Recommend the most relevant content, based on a visitors’ context, browsing, and conversion behavior. Our recommendation models are easy to set up – including interest-based, similar behavior, frequently viewed together, and more.



Coveo works with just about everything

Coveo’s AI capabilities complement your content management system (CMS), so you can start benefiting from relevant, more connected experiences without overhauling your tech stack.

Upgrade site search and content discovery with Coveo