Digital experiences that convert

Effortlessly connect each visitor to the content they need with intelligent search and recommendations. Help them engage, learn, and convert.

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Imagine providing a unique experience for every visitor – automatically. With the Coveo relevance platform, every interaction helps orchestrate the visitor journey, so you don't have to. Tap into unified visitor data, search, and AI to deliver higher converting and relevant experiences across web and mobile.

AI-powered website search

Make sure your site search is as intuitive for customers as the search engine that brought them there. Help them find what they need and convert sooner with:

  • As-you-type query suggestions
  • Result previews nudging visitors in the right direction
  • Typo tolerance to avoid returning zero results
  • Dynamic navigation and filters aiding content discovery
  • Relevance-based rankings to optimize results

Personalization and recommendations

Simplify content personalization by letting AI optimize every step of the journey. Tailor content to each individual with:

  • Data-driven content and product discovery
  • Affinity predictions based on user history, interests, and affiliations
  • Context- and behavior-based recommendations
Connected experiences

Connected content discovery

Unify interaction data across touchpoints to provide relevant experiences and keep visitors engaged wherever they interact with your business:

  • Websites, online stores, and apps
  • Support and community sites
  • Training and documentation sites
Intelligent site search

Coveo fits right into our digital transformation vision: unified, digitized, and personalized customer experience to enable effortless self-service. We are thrilled to partner with Coveo to bring the right information to the right person at the right time.

Jon Rossman
Digital Experience Manager
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Coveo works with everything

Coveo’s AI capabilities complement any content management system (CMS), so you can start benefiting from relevant, more connected experiences without overhauling your tech stack.


Connect any CMS – including Adobe Experience Manager, Drupal, or Episerver – to all kinds of outside content for seamless and engaging web experiences.


Using Sitecore as your CMS? Coveo plugs right in. Let user behavior and queries tailor experiences to each individual rather than to broad segments.

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    AI-Powered Search for Your Website

    ​Watch this product demo session to learn how you can use AI-powered search and recommendations to tailor every customer interaction, at scale, on your website. We will walk you through the key capabilities of Coveo with examples of how leading companies are using the technology.

  • Case Study

    Fasken, a Global Law Firm, Rebuilds Online Presence with AI Powered Search and Recommendations

    A complete website redesign and digital transformation initiative, supported by AI-powered search and recommendations, has enabled Fasken, a leading law firm in Canada, to offer a personalized end-to-end experience across every channel and device. Discover how Sid Lee, Sitecore and Coveo are working together to position Fasken as an industry leader.

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    The Ultimate Guide to Site Search User Experience

    Increase conversions by aligning intelligent search with your conversion strategy.

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    Product Sheet: Coveo for Websites

    Learn more about Coveo for Websites, the self-learning AI-powered search & recommendations technology that enables you to deliver personalized and relevant experiences on your website.