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Out-of-the-box vs With Coveo

Getting Started: Step-by-step Guide

You can get started with Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition in minutes. Here's how.


Download Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition via the early access form above.


Install & Configure the App

Install the package and go to your Installed Packages page in Salesforce. Configure the application in your Salesforce org.


Create Your Coveo Organization

Link the application to a Coveo instance.


Set Up the Coveo Component

Drag & drop the Coveo Search Component in your Lightning Community with Community Builder


Customize Your Search Experience

Access the JavaScript Search Interface Editor which allows you to easily drag and drop smart facets, custom fields, and more.


Dive Into the Advanced Analytics

Learn how your customers are interacting with your community with the Coveo Usage Analytics.


Watch set-up video

Watch this walkthrough video that will help you through the installation process.


Connect with Support Community

Visit the Coveo support community to read product guides, ask questions, and get peer support.

Free Editions Resources


Coveo for Salesforce Datasheet

Learn how to infuse AI-powered search across Salesforce’s Service Cloud, Community Cloud and App Cloud to boost case deflection, maximize agent productivity and drive community engagement.


Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition offers a fast and frictionless intelligent self-service experience. Leverage Coveo’s powerful machine-learning capabilities and usage analytics with free intelligent search components, available on any Lightning Community, Visualforce page or App.


Best Practices for Adding AI-Powered Search to Your Salesforce Community or App

Best Practices: Leveraging Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition on Your Community or Custom App.

cBlog Post

Introducing Free AI-Powered Search for Every Salesforce Community & App

Over the last few years, Coveo has been optimizing the search experience for some of the world’s biggest and most innovative brands to help their customers find more relevant content and achieve higher case deflection rates for customer support teams, as it is one of the key organizational KPIs and personal goals for just about every customer support leader these days. As a product manager of Coveo for Salesforce, I’ve seen firsthand customer service leaders for large and mid-sized companies whose self-service success and case deflection saved the company big bucks.


Learning: Getting Started with Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

It's never been easier to bring Coveo's suite of relevance tools to your Salesforce applications and workflows. The Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition package offers deep integration with your VisualForce and Lightning environments, powerful search page editing tools, as well as great analytics, query tuning, and machine learning to get the most relevant information to your employees, partners and customers when they need it most.


Learning: Surfacing Custom Objects in Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition

It's easy to view your custom objects--the ones you create as well as the ones which come with third party apps from the App Exchange--in Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition. This video walks you through the process of setting it up.

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