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Meet NCino, Coveo AI-powered relevance engine user

How nCino Activated Self-Service Within Their Customer Community

"It’s been neat to see, in such a short amount of time, how we’ve been able to make our lives a bit easier."-Leisha Langston, IT Business Analyst



Founded in 2011 by a team of bankers and entrepreneurs, nCino provides an end-to-end cloud-based financial services solution used by more than 1,100 institutions around the world. Their mission is to transform how we bank through innovation, reputation, and speed.

Helping customers find answers on their own

nCino Community is the one-stop virtual resource for training, documentation, collaboration, customer input, and case submission for the nCino Bank Operating System. After speaking with many financial services customers, the company found that poor search functionality was a primary challenge leading to low use and adoption of nCino Community. Customers, partners, and employees were frustrated when searching for precise titles or phrases, not getting the expected results.

We know that there are answers to most of our customers’ questions. It's just a matter of being able to find the right answer at the right time.V.J. Watkins, Community Business Analyst

nCino’s principal undertaking would be to improve their overall search functionality by indexing their knowledge base of over 6,000 articles, customer ideas discussion threads, as well as general community discussion threads. nCino sought to decrease case volume for common issues that customers were reaching out to the contact center for help on, but which could easily be solved online by making existing documentation findable.

Making good use of existing knowledge

nCino decided to leverage Coveo’s native integration into Salesforce, Coveo for Salesforce. To improve case deflection, the platform’s capabilities were added to the case submission page. Coveo provides content recommendations as customers type in the details of the issue they’re encountering. When relevant information already exists, it’s instantly suggested with the expectation that it may help resolve the customer need before a case is submitted.

During implementation, the nCino team began to understand the value of Coveo’s Usage Analytics. They were now able to access user search behavior data, which wasn’t previously collected, and make data-driven decisions to improve the entire customer experience in nCino Community.

“We want to maximize [our customers’] time and attention. We don’t want to waste their time clicking on unnecessary content. We want to give them exactly what they need.”V.J. Watkins

Building an active and effective customer community

nCino saw results immediately after implementing Coveo. Search relevancy improved instantly, giving nCino customers an overall enhanced search experience while enabling support engineers to resolve cases more quickly. Their click-through rate on search results increased by 41%, demonstrating that the content they already had could serve more customers when recommended through AI-powered search.

Customers visited an average of one fewer page per session, while average time on page increased by 46% – nearly a minute more – indicating that customers were self-servicing and finding what they needed without searching again.

“Immediately after implementing Coveo, users were visiting one fewer page, every visit. That might seem like a negative, but they were actually spending more time on their pages. [Today] we're taking them right to the most important thing, so they’re able to focus their attention and get a better result because of it.”V.J. Watkins

Coveo’s Usage Analytics are now providing nCino’s team with insights into opportunity areas for where to add content based on new topics that customers are searching for. The data also highlights additional dimensions that should be indexed to further improve the experience.

As the machine learning models have improved, query click-through has increased over time, while average click rank has decreased, meaning that customers are finding the content they need in the top tier of search results and easily clicking through.

“We've just only started to scratch the surface of what we can do with this tool inside of our community,” says Langston. “There are so many ways that we can continue to make our support engineers’ lives easier and also our knowledge management team’s. I'm excited to see that continue to improve.”

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