Salesforce Search & Recommendation Engine

Personalize every journey from channel to channel

Connect your clouds – and external content – to deliver seamless customer experiences. With greater and personalized discovery, get more value from Salesforce.

Coveo for Salesforce

Easily extend the world’s #1 CRM


Easily extend the world’s #1 CRM

Get Coveo’s cross-channel content discovery up and running quickly with Lightning Ready components and easy to configure machine learning models. Our AI and predictive search are so powerful, even Salesforce uses Coveo!
  • Your content from Salesforce & beyond
    Make content from virtually any source accessible across your Salesforce experiences. Unsilo your most effective content wherever it lives, so customers and agents can easily find it.
  • Intelligent search & recommendations
    Automatically serve up answers, content, and products people actually want. Using context and previous interactions from Salesforce and other channels, deepen content discovery.
  • Cross-cloud & cross-channel insights
    Get search and interaction data from your existing channels into one single view. Coveo stitches data and connects the dots giving you actionable omnichannel insights.

Cloud Integrations Relevance from cloud to cloud

Provide seamless access to relevant products and help content across channels with intelligent enterprise search for Salesforce that benefits customers and agents alike.

  • Give your agents the context they need to understand customer issues and solve them faster. With the Coveo Insight Panel, agents can: Get case-contextual content recommendations. View cross-channel insights about customer behavior. Access knowledge from multiple sources. Follow and maintain KCS best practices

  • Keep customer satisfaction up and support costs down by giving your customers and partners personalized self-service experiences that lead them to just the right content. Optimize search results and content recommendations in real-time. Streamline case deflection and submission with built-in workflows Connect content from a multitude of platforms

  • Optimize the journey for each customer by capturing behavioral patterns, and stitching together buyer data and information from your B2B ecommerce catalog. With Coveo powering your Salesforce storefront, you can: Tailor product recommendations. Rank search results intelligently. Personalize content to each individual

  • Serve up the right collateral at each stage in the sales cycle, so that your teams have what they need to accelerate the process and close the deal. With Coveo Usage Analytics, Sales Operations can: Understand which content the field finds most useful. Identify content gaps and further optimize their strategy. Quickly access outside collateral from the Sales Cloud workspace


Make your KCS journey a success

Enhance findability, knowledge sharing, and content health tracking – all with the help of our AI-powered platform.


Build faster with our trusted partners

For faster implementations to broader solution strategies, choose from over 40 Salesforce partners to help accelerate your relevance transformation.

See how Coveo AI enhances your Salesforce search and discovery

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