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New in Coveo

Check out our latest enhancements, including new connectors for Slack and Adobe, a relevance manager for product groups, and a personalized full search experience for agents.

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New in Coveo

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Platform 2021

SDKs for the Push API

Coveo’s Push API SDKs are now available in Python and JavaScript. Use the API to help you push items and their permission models into a source, all in the language of your choice. 


Expanded UI library built on Headless

Quickly build a high-performing search UI. Based on our Headless framework, Coveo Atomic uses a set of pre-built components to give you all the power of headless without having to code from scratch.

Try Coveo with Just an Email Address

We’ve added a new authentication method: email. Now new users can evaluate Coveo for free without relying on their Google, Microsoft or Salesforce credentials. This reduces the friction associated with sign up and makes it easier than ever to get started building great search. 

AI and ranking rules

Machine learning

Configuring Machine Learning

Tailor a machine learning model. Use advanced configurations to define a user context - or filter results - with query suggestions, automatic re-ranking, dynamic faceting, and recommendations.

Internationalization of Deep Learning Models

Deep learning models, including Smart Snippets and Case Classification, can be activated for customers who are hosted in all regions - North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific.

Service and workplace

Service and workplace

Personalized Agent Full Search

Give agents a powerful full-search experience that’s personalized to them and the cases they are solving. With advanced facets and quick access to recently opened documents and searches, agents can resolve issues faster, without leaving their workspace. 

Slack Connector

Help agents access intelligent swarming conversations by indexing Slack. This new connector features hybrid indexing, the ability to index users and channels, and a rich dataset that opens new relevance capabilities.

Google Chrome Extension (currently in Beta)

Serve relevant knowledge to employees, wherever they’re working. The Coveo Chrome Extension brings Coveo’s search results and recommendations into the web browser, allowing employees to access the content they need while they work in Google Docs, Jira or any other web-based applications. Contact us to learn more.



Relevance Manager for Product Groups

Position products more effectively on your storefront with advanced controls for managing product groups. Merchandisers can now decide how groups of products linked to the same parent SKU will be treated by Machine Learning for results ranking and recommendations.

Headless controller for Product Listings

Simplify Product Listing creation and launch your storefront faster with dedicated API endpoints and UI components for developers.


Coveo for SAP

Extend the capabilities of SAP Commerce Cloud with AI-powered search, recommendations, and personalization.  Coveo facilitates the indexing of SAP Commerce catalogs and injects relevance into your commerce storefront to increase paths to conversion.



Website adobe

Index web content in AEM

Native connectivity for Adobe lets you map metadata more easily when indexing HTML and digital assets in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM).

Experience Cloud Exchange

Find Coveo on the Adobe Experience Cloud Exchange when seeking applications, extensions, and plug-ins that help you deliver an enhanced web experience in AEM.

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