Predictive Modelling

Predictive modelling is the foundation of Coveo’s personalization technology. By feeding data into a predictive model, we can determine the most likely outcomes that will result from a series of actions. Think of it like… if my user does A, B, and C, then they’re probably going to do D next.

Why is predictive modelling important for my brand?

Research has shown us that personalization can result in as much as 15% more revenue for brands with an online presence. And the best form of personalization comes from predictive modelling. By gathering data about your users as they navigate your web experience, you can provide relevant content that helps them on their customer journey and moves them towards a conversion.

How does Coveo use predictive modelling?

Coveo’s ecommerce platform uses sophisticated artificial intelligence to analyze user attributes and user behaviour and compare it to historical data from other similar users in order to deliver relevant content that’s most likely to convert your visitors.

In plain English: Coveo optimizes your website or app content so people are more likely to buy from you.

To see how Coveo can do that for your brand, click here.

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