Ecommerce Optimization

E-commerce optimization is the process through which an eCommerce store works to increase their conversions. While there are no universal rules for eCommerce optimization, there are strategies that have been proven to work for specific industries, niches, and audiences.

How can I optimize my ecommerce store?

Some effective strategies for increasing the conversion rates of your ecommerce storefront include:

  • Intuitive Design: You need to make it easy for your visitors to move from your home page to your product pages and through checkout. Prioritize a simple UI that has obvious CTAs. Complex page layouts will confuse your visitors and result in fewer sales.

  • Persuasive Copy: Your potential customers need to understand the benefits of your product from the minute they lay eyes on it. Don’t worry about making your writing “nice.” Tell the reader what’s in it for them, why that matters, and what to do next.

  • Social Proof: By including user reviews, testimonials, and endorsements on your storefront, you’re giving your prospects the extra nudge they need to add an item to cart. The best layout for your social proof is dependent on industry, but you should test multiple locations across your product pages to see what works best for your audience. And don’t forget to check what your top competitors are doing for inspiration.

  • Cart Abandonment Sequences: If you haven’t added a cart abandonment sequence to your store, get on it ASAP. You should aim to have a minimum of 3 emails going out within the first 2-3 days of the cart abandonment. Get those prospects back in to complete their purchase!

  • Content Personalization: Software like Coveo helps you create hyper-personalized experiences for your customers. Things like predictive search, custom product recommendations, and full-funnel personalization have been proven to create massive increases in ecommerce revenue. To read more about content personalization, click here.

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