Social Proof

97% of customers say that online reviews impact their purchase decisions. 57% of consumers will only buy from you if you have a 4-star rating or higher. And testimonials have been shown to boost conversions by as much as 34% on landing pages. That’s the power of social proof. Need we say more?

So what exactly is social proof?

Social proof is when you leverage positive customer feedback to demonstrate the value of your product or service. Social proof can take the form of user reviews, testimonials, and endorsements. And you can place social proof on collections pages, product pages, and even in your other marketing collateral to boost your conversion rates.

How can I use social proof for my brand?

There are tons of ways you can use social proof for your brand, but some of the most effective are:

  • Popularity badges based on views, add-to-carts, or total sales.

  • Visual notifications showing which items in your store have high demand.

  • Highlighting relevant products for users in relation to their demographics, on-site behaviour, and purchase behaviour.

Coveo’s ecommerce technology makes it easy to add social proof to your storefront. And over 600 Coveo clients have seen positive results when using social proof to their advantage. Click here to check out Coveo for yourself.

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