Cart Abandonment

Cart abandonment is when one of your prospects is right on the verge of buying… then doesn’t. There are lots of reasons for cart abandonment, and they all lead to one outcome – fewer sales. Lucky for you, there are strategies you can implement to recapture those lost purchases.

Why do people abandon cart?

According to Drip, a leader in ecommerce automation software, 69.57% of your potential buyers could be abandoning their carts. So, for every 10 prospects who’ve gone through your store, shown interest in your products, and were about to enter their credit card info… only 3 of them buy. Why does that happen?

There are 3 possible reasons:

  1. Your prospect got distracted and forgot to complete their purchase.
  2. Your prospect is delaying their purchase to find a better price.
  3. Your prospect decided they don’t actually want what you’re selling.

How can I reduce cart abandonment?

One of the most effective strategies for reducing cart abandonment is to deliver a personalized “abandonment layer” to prospects who show exit intent. Essentially, if a user tries to navigate away from their cart, they’re served a popup that incentivizes them to complete their purchase. What’s on the popup? It could be a discount, a different offer, or a prompt to start a conversation with customer support. Or if you’re using Coveo, the content would be personalized according to that individual’s behavioural data.

How can I recover lost sales with Coveo?

If your prospect leaves without purchasing, even after you’ve deployed your abandonment layer, there’s still a chance you can make the sale. Use sales strategies like scarcity, urgency, and discounts to drive your potential customers back to their cart. 

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