We bring AI and GenAI to every point-of-experience

Coveo AI-Search & Generative Experience Platform powers the remarkable digital journeys that drive better business outcomes

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After 10 years of AI innovation, Coveo Generative Answering is ready for enterprise-scale customer and employee experiences. It’s secure, accurate and ready for your enterprise self-service, in-app and chatbot use cases.

Coveo solves the major problems enterprises face when adopting GenAI: Privacy, security, multiple content sources, up-to-date content, accuracy at scale, verifiability, consistency across search and chat channels, high cost and more…

With 18+ years of platform deployments,
Coveo AI powers the digital experiences of the world’s most innovative brands

Gain the AI-Experience Advantage

Curating individualized, trusted and connected experiences across billions of unique moments used to be a “budget buster”.
Now, Coveo AI makes it possible to drive both superior experiences and business outcomes — without trade-offs.


Your current tech stack, supercharged

Without needing to overhaul it. Or, training your team on yet another entirely new platform. Coveo layers onto your existing software seamlessly. This means all your data is finally communicating so you can start growing profitably.

Salesforce, SAP, Adobe, Zendesk, you name it. Coveo fits right in!

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