Intelligent search, relevant experiences

Personalize search and recommendations, to make every interaction better. With Coveo, you can deliver 360° relevance across Websites, Ecommerce, Service, and the Workplace.

GREAT NEWS: Coveo acquires Qubit to bring you even greater ecommerce innovation.

We help businesses deliver relevant & personalized experiences

Transform the outcome of every interaction

With the Coveo Relevance CloudTM, intelligent enterprise search is just the beginning.
Harness self-optimizing AI that learns from every click and query, at every touchpoint. So you can deliver experiences that get better and better, notice search relevance from Day 1, and scale to full 360° Relevance.

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Make every digital experience relevant

  • Every click and query tells you what a customer wants. Serve up relevant product results, and tailored product and content recommendations, that they’ll want to 'add to cart'.

    • AI Search & Discovery
    • Real-Time Recommendations
    • Behavior-Based Personalization
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  • Connect each customer to the most relevant answers faster, with AI-powered customer self-service and AI-assisted agent responses.

    • Search & Question-Answering
    • Case Deflection & Case Assist
    • Chatbot Intelligence
    See service solutions
  • Give every employee the information and support they need. Make knowledge easily accessible and tailored to each person, wherever they work.

    • AI-Powered Enterprise Search
    • Intelligent Help Desks
    • Knowledge Management
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  • Help each website visitor find what they need effortlessly, so that they engage, learn, and convert more.

    • Self-Learning Search
    • Personalized Content Discovery
    • Partner & Dealer Portals
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This is what relevance can do

  • Websites
    Green arrow up 55% average conversion rate
  • Ecommerce
    Green arrow up 25% average revenue per visit
  • Service & Support
    Green arrow up 40% average case deflection
  • Workplace
    Green arrow up 70% average clickthrough rate


Built for developer success

From deploying a search box with a few lines of code to integrating recommendations and personalization across the enterprise, Coveo makes it easy to deliver intelligent search solutions and drive up relevance.

  • Out-of-the-box AI

    Our machine learning models are ready to use and tuned for your most important use cases. Connect, set, and put them to work.
  • Cloud agility, global scale
    Loads of queries? Data residency needs? No problem. Coveo's multi-tenant cloud platform has you covered.
  • Dev-friendly connectors & APIs
    Coveo scores high marks for how we make things work, from drag-and-drop UI customizations to headless APIs and more.

Make every experience more relevant with Coveo

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