Easily ingest information from all of your content sources, regardless of where they reside, with our broad library of connectors.

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Coveo Connectors

The Coveo Cloud platform includes a number of pre-built connectors that allow you to index content securely from a variety of repositories, both in the cloud and on-premises. Coveo offers 30+ connectors to the most common enterprise data sources.

Easy to Configure and Use

It’s never been easier to bring content into your search solution. Coveo Connectors are typically configured in just a few clicks, directly from the Coveo administration UI, and fully support incremental indexing and field mapping.


Security is always paramount within Coveo, and our connectors are designed to use a complex combination of security providers, cache, and processors to ensure proper security mapping in early binding mode.

Variety of Connectors

To be truly powerful, search must connect to all possible sources of useful content, whether that content is inside or outside of the specific application a user is engaging with, or even outside of your organization, such as Youtube videos. The ability to securely connect to all of these content sources and easily ingest the information into your unified index is critical.

  • We include a variety of Coveo connectors with all of our packages in order to make it easier for you to reach the content you need.
  • Each connector is designed to crawl a specific repository type and extract its content and the permissions associated with each item.
  • Coveo continuously updates and develops new connectors following customer interest for indexing content stored in new repository types.

No Content Left Behind

While the pre-built Coveo connectors cover the most commonly requested content sources, you may have a custom or legacy source that you want to include. With Coveo, we make that easy and ensure that you can index virtually any information, no matter where it lives.

Coveo Push API

Content sources which lack a connector are easily searchable with our full-featured Push API. Easily add and manage sources and push both content and item-level permissions to your Coveo Index.

Sitemap Connector

Allows you to index listed web pages from a Sitemap. For secured websites.

Web Source AI

Allows you to index web pages from one or more URLs.