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Intelligent Intranets and Knowledge Management
Your employees shouldn’t have to work so hard to find information. Give them an intelligent work experience by proactively suggesting key knowledge resources when they need them.

Create a trusted go-to experience

Make your intranet the go-to place and single point of entry for employees. Unify access to valuable company resources and remove the barriers employees face when trying to find relevant people and content resources. Give them one place to search that’s both dynamic and contextual.

Curate content for employee inclusion

Use your existing content and communications to make employees feel that they’re in the right place. Through content suggestions, curate information based on an employee’s profile and those of similar users. Tailor content recommendations such as news or elearning courses to each and every person and help your employees understand that your company is invested in their success.
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Encourage employee collaboration

People are a company’s most valuable resource. Help your employees find and connect with one another through people recommendations. In the flow of work, they’ll get real-time visibility into the key people resources they can connect with in order to complete projects on time.
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Bolster team knowledge

Equip your individual departments with knowledge intelligence. By amplifying your existing line-of-business systems with an intelligent search and content discovery experience, you enable your teams to upskill easily and produce results more quickly.
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Make smarter decisions

Delivering an intelligent employee experience requires data-based insights. Combine usage and behavioral analytics to make choices that support your organizational goals while delivering a meaningful employee experience.
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Layer our AI over your current tech stack

All you need to do is index content and connect data to start seeing your workplace systems get smarter. That means you can leave your knowledge repositories exactly where they are.

  • Coveo for Sitecore Want to make your search smarter and serve ultra-personalized content in your Sitecore portal? Our AI capabilities are Sitecore-ready. Learn more
  • Coveo Platform Using other types of software and apps? Our platform is designed to index all types of content and connect every part of your business. Learn more
  • Connect to any app Coveo layers AI and machine learning on top of existing information management systems to deliver relevance at every interaction. Learn more

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