Employee Portals

Coveo for Employee Portals is an AI-powered search platform that securely unifies information across your company, and makes it accessible to the workforce, recommending the most relevant content and people throughout your organization.

Employee Portals
Employee Portals

Build a community, not just a resource center

Breathe new life into your employee portal and make it a place where employees learn, share and collaborate better. By providing more relevant information and connecting people to each other, you'll build morale and foster a sense of community working together to achieve your organizational goals.

Learn from your employees and become more relevant

Imagine what you could learn about your staff's knowledge gaps if you could track and analyze what your employees search for on your portal and see which results have the best outcomes. With Coveo Usage Analytics, you can do just that. Use that insight to improve the tools and training you provide.
Usage Analytics

Point employees to the experts

Leverage the wisdom of your collective workforce for predictive insights, allowing AI-powered search to accurately predict the next best result based on behavioral data and past queries. In turn, Coveo can suggest to employees what information to look at or who to contact next.
Key Person

We are able to get a better return on our knowledge assets with Coveo.

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