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Employee Portals
Help employees discover the foundational knowledge they need to get to work and stay productive, so IT and HR can spend more time focusing on big ticket issues.

Make your existing HR and IT knowledge easily findable

Tap into your existing homegrown, legacy, or cloud-based systems, and connect content through a single index. That way employees can easily search for what they need while AI serves up the best matches regardless of where that content lives.

Create a culture of knowledge sharing

Every employee is a knowledge worker. And each employee has a unique perspective about the company to share. Create a culture of collaboration and knowledge sharing by using Leader Badges and Leaderboards to encourage participation.

Assist employees with intelligent keyword detection

Not all search terms are created equal. Help employees in their search for knowledge with smart widgets that surface the best content using AI. And if no knowledge exists, employees can submit a ticket to the IT help desk which they’ll receive with the full digital data trail.
Employee assistance

Help employees navigate the digital workplace confidently

Give employees better visibility as they navigate the digital workplace. With People360, let employees search for contacts and see what their colleagues are working on before choosing to connect. They’ll also get a view of their own 360 activity.

Continuously improve self-service experiences

Knowledge is constantly evolving and employees need to be in the know. With Coveo Usage Analytics, knowledge management and SEO teams get actionable insights on content consumption trends and, more importantly, content gaps that need to be closed.
Analytics dashboard

Keep your systems, but make them smarter

Index your current content, no matter which knowledge repository it’s in, and let Coveo do the rest. With every employee click and query, our platform gets better at predicting what they need.

  • Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud Using Salesforce? Now make the most of it with Coveo. Start delivering seamless self-service experiences for every employee and help desk agent. Learn more
  • Coveo for ServiceNow ITSM & HRSM You’ve got your workflows down, but could they be smarter? With every search and click, Coveo better predicts and presents what you’ll need next. Learn more
  • Connect to any app Coveo layers AI and machine learning on top of existing information management systems to deliver relevance at every interaction. Learn more

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