Digital Workplace Solutions

Knowledge when and where they need it

Help employees work more effectively and productively in the systems they already use. Unsilo your knowledge by bringing AI-powered search and information discovery into your workplace apps.


Use Cases Make knowledge accessible wherever it lives

  • A screenshot of digital workplace solution portals.

    Intranet portals

    Layer AI into your workplace intranet software and make your company's digital hub the go-to place for employees. Coveo centralizes access to knowledge resources from various repositories and personalizes the experience for each department and person.

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    Employee self-service

    Common information shouldn't be hard to find. Help employees self-serve by smartly matching existing HR and IT articles to their questions through relevant search results, proactive recommendations, and smart chatbots.

  • Knowledge management intelligence

    Keep your departmental teams productive – in office, from home, or on the go – by making it easier for your domain experts to find information and documents specific to their line of work, whether it's sales, legal, or engineering.

  • Help desk enablement

    Give specialists the tools they need to drive faster resolutions. Enhance your existing help desk console with AI-powered search, knowledge recommendations, and line of sight into user actions to keep teams working autonomously and confidently.

Top Features

Create a better employee experience

  • Workplace

    Unified HR & IT portals

    Centralize foundational HR and IT knowledge through your self-service portal, so employees can access enterprise-wide content in one place.

  • Content Personalization

    Personalized people and document recommendations

    Point employees towards the best knowledge to consult and the right people to connect with. Automatically tune the relevance of recommendations based on location, department, or other important attributes.

  • Behavioural Analytics

    Employee journey insights

    Give agents line of sight into an employee’s digital journey prior to the service call or ticket submission. Agents can see what content employees have engaged with and can personalize the response.


Keep your systems, but make them smarter

You don’t need to overhaul your tech stack to connect customer data and benefit from AI. Coveo’s digital workplace solutions integrate with the tools you already use. Plus, we partner with the best.

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