Keep your employees connected in a remote workplace

Empower your employees with the task-relevant content and insights they need - right when they need them.


Let’s retire the digital "swivel chair."

When the average enterprise uses 1,935 cloud services and it takes 8 different applications to resolve a single customer issue, every employee is drowning in information, but starving for insights. It takes longer for new employees to understand your internal systems. And the systems keep multiplying, creating even more silos of data and content.

What are best-in-class digital workplaces doing differently? Applying AI.

Employees at top workplaces don’t suffer from information overload. Why? They’re using AI to automatically understand their employees’ context and intent and deliver the knowledge and insights they need, regardless of where it resides. It’s now possible to connect your entire system of record and use AI to tailor every digital experience. 

Machine Learning Cycle

Simplify your digital workplace experience.

You don’t need to build a new knowledge management system or launch a new intranet. Focus on connecting your ecosystem of information and surfacing content at the right time - at scale. With Coveo AI, you can weave together every datapoint to create a personalized and engaging experience in every interaction with your employees.


Coveo not only worked on day one, but it also worked better than our GSA after three years of operation and relevance tuning.

Noah Locke
Manager of Web Development

Power your workplace with Coveo AI.

Only Coveo is able to balance the data and content from all of your systems to deliver the most relevant information - right when your employee needs it. Say goodbye to lost productivity and frustrated employees and hello to an empowered and proficient workforce.

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