AI-POWERED WORKFORCE Knowledge when you need it

Make knowledge easy to find across your enterprise applications to help employees be effective, productive, and empowered in their work, wherever they are.


What if you didn’t have to tap someone’s shoulder to find the right resource? Or risk losing valuable company know-how if that person leaves?

With Coveo’s relevance platform, your employees can find what they need in one place whether they’re being onboarded, looking for department-specific knowledge, or searching for HR or IT information. Plus, you can tailor interfaces to each employee to make their digital workspace relevant, not redundant.

Personalized intranet portals

Make your company's digital hub the go-to place for employees by not only centralizing knowledge resources, but also personalizing the experience for each department and every person.

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Coveo Platform

Our platform integrates with all kinds of software, including yours. Index any type of content and watch how AI transforms your workplace knowledge hub.

Coveo for Sitecore

Using Sitecore? Easily add Coveo to upgrade your search. Display specialized content that’s a better match for each individual employee.

Employee self-service – upgraded

Common information shouldn't be hard to find. Help employees self-serve by smartly matching existing HR and IT articles to their questions through relevant search results, proactive recommendations, and smart chatbots.

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Coveo for ServiceNow ITSM & HRSM

You’ve got solid workflows and a virtual agent; now make them smarter with AI. Proactively help employees self-serve.

Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud

With Coveo, expand the value of Salesforce. Connect all kinds of knowledge and resources to deliver a truly unified employee self-service experience.

Line-of-business intelligence

Keep your departmental teams productive – in office, from home, or on the go – by making it easier for your domain experts to find information and documents specific to their line of work, whether it's sales, legal, or engineering.

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Coveo Platform

Layer Coveo’s AI into your existing line-of-business applications or create a departmental knowledge hub to make sure teams always find the most relevant information.

Coveo for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Accelerate your sales rep onboarding process by proactively providing the content and resources they need without all the digging.

You’ve got to look at the big picture. It’s not just about where one digital product needs to go, but how an entire ecosystem of products needs to work together.

Will Hudson
VP, IT Marketing
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Watch how Coveo gives employees one place to stay in the know and find both general and role-specific content.

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  • Ebook

    Build a Connected Workplace for your Remote Workforce

    Companies are looking to enable and engage their employees to perform no matter where or how they work but are discovering gaps in reaching an intelligent workplace. This eBook shows you how to build an intelligent and connected workplace – using AI & smart widgets – that tap into your existing systems so you can ensure your employees have the right information to work productively.

  • On Demand Webinar

    Rethinking the Digital Workplace of the Future

    Watch this webinar to rethink the workplace of the future and learn how, by using AI and smart technologies, you can create intelligent and scalable employee experiences.

  • Case Study

    Manulife Helps Employees Find Knowledge Faster with AI

    With a people-first approach, see how Manulife improved its global employee experience.