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Modernize your intranet with AI-powered search

Create a knowledge management platform your employees actually trust. Make relevant, enterprise-wide content discoverable instantly, to increase proficiency and productivity.

  • Enhance your intranet solution with AI-driven search and recommendations
  • Create the personalized digital workplace today’s employees expect
  • Empower your employees to accomplish more

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Intranet & Knowledge Management
How It Works

Make your intranet software smarter.

Coveo indexes documents, internal conversations, and collective knowledge from all your data sources, and gives employees immediate access to them within your existing intranet software. Built for larger enterprises, Coveo transforms the employee experience by connecting and enhancing existing tools, knowledge management systems and platforms.

Create a trusted, relevant enterprise intranet

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Fast, modern intranet search

With 50+ out-of-the-box connectors and flexible API options, Coveo serves enterprise-wide knowledge instantly to increase employee productivity.

AI-driven content personalization

Coveo predicts what each employee needs next to do their best work, using employee profiles and previous interactions to provide more relevant search results and recommendations.

Keep your existing platforms

Coveo's powerful integrations with digital workplace apps improve the employee experience without introducing new tools or processes.

Power a winning employee experience

Power Intranet

Onboard and upskill employees faster

With relevant, role-specific knowledge at every step of their journey, employees can reach proficiency faster.

Employee engagement and collaboration tool

Coveo is proven to reduce time spent searching for company documents, and has helped to increase employee engagement and satisfaction.

Flexible deployment in the digital workplace

Coveo can be installed as a pre-built search page, or as a set of components for delivering personalized content within existing intranet solutions.

Adjustable and secure knowledge management

Adjustable secure

Curate featured content

Corporate announcements and other featured content can be promoted to the top, while machine learning takes care of the rest.

Add your own ranking rules

Adjust the relevance platform with business-specific ranking factors, thesaurus rules and more.

Keep sensitive data secure

Configure security inside the Coveo platform to ensure that it only serves what people are authorized to see.

Frequently asked questions

Knowledge is an asset to businesses and their employees, partners, and customers. All of these audiences can use the knowledge embedded within various information assets to accomplish their goals. That might be solving a problem, or finishing a task. Knowledge management is the practice of gathering, organizing, sharing, and improving that body of knowledge. It’s a practice that continues to evolve in sophistication and scale, and one that few customer-focused organizations can afford to ignore. Learn more about knowledge management.

Many knowledge bases serve as flat content repositories that lack structure, organization, or intuitive navigation. You can improve a knowledge base by serving more relevant content, faster, in your employees' or customers’ time of need. For starters, your knowledge base should index content from across your enterprise, including documentation, communities, and other channels. Your knowledge base should guide people to what they need based on their profile, recent activity, and other signals. Read more tips on how to improve your knowledge base.

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