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Dealer Portals

Your dealers are your face to your consumers. Give them access to all the content and support they need to best represent you on the showroom floor. Use AI-powered search to engage better with your dealers to drive shared success.

Dealer Portals

Empower your dealers to self-service through your portal

Helping your dealers sell more and meet customer needs means giving them tools to excel, such as marketing collateral, imagery, pricing, and technical specs. Coveo's AI-based search helps ensure the most relevant assets are presented automatically, which helps reduce the channel support costs.

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One-size fits all doesn't apply to your dealers

Your dealers may be located in different regions or belong to distinct categories. They may need different information depending on their role, level or location, and your portal needs to address this seamlessly and securely, giving them access to exactly what they need. Coveo make this possible.

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Higher dealer satisfaction drives better customer satisfaction

Coveo uses intelligent search to unify and deliver the most relevant content to each dealer in the context of their status, continually learning through usage analytics what is most effective for them. This improves their perception of your organization and helps them better serve their customers.

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BRP is known for Passion, Innovation and Speed. We wanted those values to be reflected in our dealer portal: to let our dealers find what they need fast, in new ways, so they can focus helping their customers.

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