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Check out our latest additions, including a headless UI, real-time personalization of query suggestions, intelligent case assist, campaign management, and more.

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  • DevOps automation If you’re an administrator using point-and-click tools or a developer writing code, test changes to Coveo in a sandbox and deploy quickly to production with the Migration API or by managing snapshots directly in the administration console.
  • Headless UI Completely control the look and feel of your user interfaces by creating your own headless search UI using React, Angular, and Vue.js. Seamless, flexible, and easy to integrat
  • Connector SDK Build custom connectors using the Push API and new connector SDK, providing packaged code and documentation for your development teams.

AI and ranking rules

  • Query pipelines redesign Our query pipelines have an all-new look and feel to help you better organize ranking rules and tune relevance. Integrated A/B testing removes the need to duplicate a pipeline to set up a performance test.
  • Ranking rules Organize ranking rules as permanent groups or as time-bound campaigns to manage how featured results and ranking expressions are applied. Work more efficiently by applying rules at scale.
  • Dynamic faceting Automatically select facet values according to the user’s query. The Coveo dynamic navigation machine learning model learns which categories are the most relevant according to your current browsing history.
  • Product recommendations Serve up product recommendations throughout the buying journey based on popularity, interest, or what’s currently in cart. Boost AOV with smarter automated recommendations.

Service and support

  • Intelligent case assist Streamline the customer case submission process and increase case accuracy. Case assist recommends the right classifications for the case, so customers don't have to guess. New deep learning model, dynamic classification, and document suggestion previews.
  • Slack developer quickstart Embrace intelligent swarming and improve agent collaboration. Our brand-new developer quickstart guide makes it easy for you to connect to Slack to index your messages and threads.
  • In-product experience With an enhanced machine learning model for more tailored and contextual results when customers search for help, IPX connects customers to the best answer wherever they are.


  • Intelligent case assist Simplify the ticket submission process for employees and deflect incoming cases for HR and IR service teams with proactive case assist recommendations. New deep learning model and preview function.
  • Groups and campaigns With groups and campaigns, promote knowledge, assets, and calls to action in groups or in a time-based way. For example, promote a new systems update or raise awareness about employee benefits.
  • New connector quickstarts Our brand-new developer quickstart guides make it easier for you to connect your messaging apps. You can index your Slack messages and threads, or your Workplace by Facebook groups and feeds.
  • In-product experience Meet employees where they are. Add AI-powered feature-rich search and recommendations to any website or application – now with enhanced machine learning for tailored contextual help.


  • Personalization as you go Track business outcomes with attribution dashboards and metrics including conversion rate, average order size, average revenue per unit, and average order value. ​​Understand clearly the impacts of search and recommendations for your digital storefront.
  • Commerce reporting analytics Create and apply rules for audience groups or time-based campaigns. Plan and manage the activation and deactivation of rules, including URL redirects.​
  • Simplified A/B testing Easily configure and visualize A/B tests for new promotions with a sample audience before a full-on launch. Experiment with different rules and adjust audience proportions to evaluate and compare impact.
  • Smart catalog indexing With smart catalog indexing, simplify the management of catalog onboarding for search with automatic optimization, and avoid complex nesting and joins.
  • Headless controller for product recommendations Launch cart recommendations, frequently bought/viewed together, and popular bought/viewed faster with dedicated API endpoints and UI components for developers.


  • Generic connectors Crawl and index all your brand content with our enhanced Web connector and new Catalog connector – and expand your range of content.
  • Proxy bypass Increase search speed and decrease processing costs by using the new option in the Command Center to bypass the Coveo for Sitecore proxy for search and analytics calls to the Coveo Platform.
  • Content processing enhancement Clean the content of HTML pages using CSS simple selectors before sending them to the index to remove inessential sections or omit content that drives relevance down.

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