Give your audience the experience they expect

Coveo delivers better relevance through a deep understanding of the individual and their unique context, behavior, and intent.


Close the experience gap.

80% of companies believe they deliver a superior experience, while only 8% actually do according to Bain & CoIncreasing the quantity of customer interactions won’t help bridge this gap. Instead, your focus should be on improving the quality of each one- and this starts with understanding who your customers are.

No action goes unnoticed.

You can learn a lot from a visit. There’s a treasure trove of data hiding behind every browser and every click.

Coveo learns what you need by gathering data from every interaction, going beyond simple clicks and queries to understand the full user context.

Plus, we’ll even integrate with third-party systems, like Google Tag Manager, to leverage event tracking or experience data you already have in place.

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Go from one-size-fits-all to custom-made.

Tie it all together. Geolocation, language, query terms, clicks - each aspect can be used to build and enrich your understanding of the person behind the purchase or the employee behind the number.

Automatic user clustering groups users based on past history, topics of interest or affiliations, increasing the precision of suggestions for like-minded people. Move from personas to persons and segments to individuals.


Even anonymous users deserve more relevant experiences.

Don't fear the unknown. The data you collect tells a story about each of your visitors. And with user visit stitching, you have to power to automatically assign anonymous actions to the proper user ID once they log in. Understand context and deliver relevance, but in a way that is most convenient to the user.


People want more. They want you to use their data, but they want you to use it in a really clever way.

Nigel Piper
Executive General Manager, Customer, Xero

Experiences are continuous.
Personalization needs to be progressive.

To the customer, you’re all one team. And they expect one continuous, unified digital journey. Coveo can provide progressively richer personalization based on user behavior and signals of intent by connecting all the dots in the customer journey. Signals captured on one digital property inform the relevance on another.


Natural Language Understanding helps you understand your visitors.

Whether customers use longer sentences, complex lingo or more colloquial language to describe products and problems, they still expect to be understood. Meeting that expectation is essential for relevance. 

Natural Language Understanding (NLU) technology helps extract insights from your own index to determine exactly what your customers mean regardless of the words they choose to use. 

Leverage text categorization, sentiment and content analysis, Intelligent Term Detection and more to deduce the full intent behind every query and turn search into a meaningful conversation. 


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