Coveo for Sitecore

Self-learning AI-powered search, personalization and recommendations for your Sitecore website.

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Coveo for Sitecore - Personalization
Coveo for Sitecore - Personalization

Next-level conversion growth for Sitecore websites

Coveo for Sitecore provides personalized search-to-conversion experiences that turn your most valuable visitors into customers who learn, convert, and buy.

Exponentially increase the impact of your Sitecore website - fast

Coveo is fully integrated with Sitecore XP and Commerce, and works out of the box with xDB, Experience Editor, Cortex, the Hive UI framework and more. Seamless integration with Sitecore also means fast implementation and quick results.
Coveo for Sitecore fully Integrated

Automatically learn and lift conversions with each personalized interaction

Harness Machine Learning for every single search interaction on your Sitecore website and leverage that insight to deliver continuously better results and recommendations.
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Machine Learning Cycle

Unleash your content from any source

Expand your content pipeline to any source where your content lives with a single, unified index, and personalize it to your individual visitor in real-time with no manual tagging, programming, or rules management.

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Connectors Sitecore

Give your business users full visibility and control to drive results

Empower your authors with real insights to identify content gaps, illuminate hidden conversion opportunities and develop the right content for every visitor. Empower your search team to eliminate ‘no search’ results and identify high-performing strategies for SEO and PPC campaigns that drive visitors to your Sitecore website.
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Making site search more relevant to 300+ global customers

The Preferred Search App of Top Sitecore Solution Partners

We’ve always been fans of Coveo for Sitecore, and now with the Cloud Edition, we can give our customers the ability to personalize digital experiences with less effort than ever before. It’s a win-win for our customers and for our firm.

Jeff Hansen,
SingleStone Consulting

More than 130 Sitecore Implementation Partners

Coveo is proud to be an official Sitecore Platinum Technology Partner

Platinum Technology Partner - Sitecore

The Technology Behind Coveo

Find out more about the technology behind Coveo for Sitecore.
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