Coveo for ServiceNow

Deliver more relevant employee, agent and self-service experiences with AI-powered search and recommendations directly inside ServiceNow.

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Elevate your Customer & Employee Experiences

Every exceptional digital experience sets a new level of expectation in the minds of your customers and employees. 
How can you meet these rising expectations?
Coveo can help you by harnessing the power of Machine Learning to deliver the personalized & meaningful content they need directly within your ServiceNow workflows.

Unify Content Across Multiple Sources

Relevant content resides everywhere. And not always inside ServiceNow. Coveo securely indexes almost any cloud and on-premise source with pre-built & maintained connectors.  This means your customers, employees, and agents can easily access the most relevant content right within ServiceNow.

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Increase Agent Proficiency

Agents are more proficient at solving customer issues when they are equipped with the most relevant knowledge. Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations eliminates agent ‘swivel chair’ by bringing case-solving content directly to your ServiceNow Customer Service Management workflow – no matter where that content resides in your organization. Coveo also tracks the complete customer journey across your website, community, and self-service portals to provide your agents with insight on customer actions and viewed content right within their ServiceNow Agent Workspace.

Create Engaging Employee Experiences

Your employees bring their consumer expectations to work with them, so to drive engagement you need to simplify and personalize their interactions. Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations can provide that consumer-like experience they have come to expect. Since employees are naturally authenticated within your applications, machine learning can use their profile, behavior and context to optimize their experience and deliver the answers they need right within your ServiceNow Employee Service Center – reducing portal fatigue and making ServiceNow your ‘first stop shop’.

Inject Intelligence into your Virtual Agent

ServiceNow's Virtual Agent is an enterprise chatbot capability that can help resolve common requests which have predefined topic flows configured.  However, many employee and customer questions will fall outside those pre-configured options. Coveo is able to cover that ‘anything else’ scenario and inject intelligence inside your virtual agent. Coveo helps to surface answers to unanticipated questions that were not configured in your topic flows with AI-powered recommended content.  The best part is that these answers can come from any content source, not just those found in the ServiceNow knowledge base. 

Increase Case Deflection and Self-Service Success

Whether your focus is on improving the self-service experience for your employees or your customers, Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations can help you create more meaningful experiences by delivering the right content, in the right context, according to each person’s profile and behavior. If a customer or employee starts the case creation process, then Coveo’s built-in deflection workflow uses machine learning to analyze the natural language case description and recommend the most appropriate content for potential deflection. This translates to lower support costs and higher employee and customer satisfaction.

Make Informed Service Decisions Based on Data - Not Guesswork

Data from your employee and customer interactions can provide powerful insight to drive better service decisions. Coveo captures and unifies signals across all your digital channels – every click, every swipe, every search – so that you can have complete line-of-sight into how your employees and customers search for and use content. This empowers your team with the data they need to identify content gaps, understand knowledge use, and measure case deflection and self-service success.

Improve IT Agent Productivity

Your IT service desk needs to respond fast and effectively to deliver on service expectations. Coveo AI-powered search and recommendations delivers the answers your fulfillers need right in their ServiceNow IT Workflow – whether that content resides in ServiceNow Knowledge, Sharepoint, Wiki sites or other sources across your organization. Coveo Machine Learning analyzes what knowledge performs best then automatically optimizes the search experience based on past successful outcomes, this reduces incident time to resolve and improves productivity.

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