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Surface external content, personalize content recommendations, and connect cross-channel search and interaction data – to make your ServiceNow platform experience even smoother.

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Elevate your ServiceNow experience

Harness the power of machine learning to deliver the personalized and meaningful content your customers and employees need, directly within your ServiceNow workflows. Get started with our ServiceNow search engine.

Find the right content faster

More content, no migration

Access knowledge base articles, videos, training, and more without migrating content or data tables. Securely index over 100 cloud and on-premise sources with over 55 existing source connectors.

AI-optimized search

Coveo machine learning analyzes what knowledge performs best then automatically optimizes the search experience based on past successful outcomes, reducing time to resolve and improving productivity.

Robust & customizable UI

With our drag-and-drop search UI components, headless UI library, and native integrations, you can easily customize your search result interface and filters.


Support every journey

In-app & in the flow

Your IT service desk needs to respond fast and effectively to deliver on service expectations. Coveo’s AI-powered ServiceNow search and recommendations deliver the answers your fulfillers need right in their ServiceNow IT Workflow.

A consumer-like employee DX

When employees are authenticated within your applications, machine learning can use their profile, behavior, and context to offer personalized results and recommendations right within ServiceNow.

Full customer journey insights for agents

Coveo tracks search and click activity across your website, community, and self-service portals to give your agents the full customer context they need right within their ServiceNow Agent Workspace.

Measure success across channels

Cross-channel behavior analytics

Coveo captures and unifies signals across digital channels – every click, every swipe, every search – so that you can have complete line of sight into how your employees and customers search for and use content. 

Actionable insights and metrics

Empower your team with the data they need to identify content gaps, understand knowledge use, and measure case deflection and self-service success.

Connect to Google analytics

Feed data to your Coveo Usage Analytics with the Google Analytics protocol, or log Coveo events with Google Tag Manager. Get a fuller picture and offer radically personalized experiences.


Build faster with our trusted partners

For faster implementations to broader solution strategies, find a partner to help accelerate your relevance transformation.

See how AI can transform your ServiceNow workflows

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