Coveo for Salesforce

Make your customer service truly seamless by bringing enterprise-wide data and the power of machine learning into Salesforce.

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Smarter experiences from start to finish

Index content from any source, add easy-to-use lightning components to your Salesforce workspace, and start getting the most useful content and resource recommendations for every step of the customer journey.

With AI-powered insights, get to the heart of what your customers need while maximizing agent productivity, boosting case deflection and self-service, and improving sales conversions.

Coveo for Salesforce Service Cloud

Deeper customer insights

Give your agents the context they need to understand customer issues and solve them faster. With the Coveo Insight Panel, agents can:

  • Find documents to attach to their case
  • Access rich insights about customer actions
  • View resources from multiple sources
All this without leaving Salesforce

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Coveo for Salesforce Experience Cloud

Everything customers need, before they ask

Self-service only works if your customers can actually find what they’re looking for. Let our AI personalize content in real time, effortlessly leading them to exactly what they need.

Plus, keep support costs down and customer satisfaction up by optimizing the process with our built-in case deflection workflow.

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Coveo for Salesforce B2B Commerce Cloud

Keep customers coming back for more

Capture behavioural patterns, and stitch together buyer data and information from your B2B ecommerce catalog to optimize every single ecommerce journey. With Coveo for Salesforce, you can:

  • Tailor product recommendations
  • Rank search results intelligently
  • Personalize content to each individual
And, do it all at scale.

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Coveo for Salesforce Sales Cloud

Content that drives opportunities

Serve up the right collateral at each stage in the sales cycle, so that your teams have what they need to accelerate the process and close the deal. With Coveo Usage Analytics, Sales Operations can understand which content the field finds most useful, identify gaps, and further optimize their strategy.

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The #1 question that was a case for probably 5 years is no longer a problem – because it’s really easy to self-serve and get an answer quickly.

Airdre Knox
GM Customer Systems, Xero
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