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New in Coveo

Check out our latest enhancements, including question answering, intent-aware recommendations, a UI component library built on headless, and more.

Coveo Zendesk Integration: AI-powered personalization with Coveo's customer service software
New in Coveo
Dive deeper into what Coveo can do. See how all the latest features and enhancements connect your customers and employees to great, relevant content at every stage of the journey.


Usage analytics data

Securely share usage analytics data in a matter of clicks. Directly query the Coveo Usage Analytics database using Snowflake reader account to bring real-time accessibility to your search data and a single source of truth to customer interactions.

UI component library

Build world-class search for every site. Atomic, a component library built on top of Coveo Headless, lets you accelerate implementation. Components can be modified and styled to create unique and transformative digital experiences.

Command-line tools

command line. Create a search page powered by Headless, with the UI framework of your choice (like React, Vue, or Angular), leveraging the full power of Coveo for maximum visual flexibility.

Creating and sharing search pages

Invite collaborators to view your search pages. You control how widely it is shared – choose to share with a specific person, within your organization, or with anyone with a link. It takes just a moment to show off your search.

AI and ranking rules


Question answering

Understand the intent behind a search query and surface answers. Question answering automates the extraction of answers from the content returned in an index and injects it as smart snippets at the top of your search results.

Product vectors

Improve the speed and accuracy of search results when user data is sparse. Product vectors enable you to calculate the relationship between products in a catalog in order to suggest, re-rank, or recommend items of interest based on a visitor’s path.

Service and workplace

Smart snippets

Deliver answers instead of articles for customers or employees typing questions into your search. Use machine learning to extract the answer and feature it in the search results with a smart snippet.

Simplified case assist configuration

Configure your case assist machine learning models more easily with a smooth step-by-step setup. Case assist helps classify cases, streamlines the case creation process, and deflect cases with supporting content.

IPX Chrome extension

With a new Chrome extension, you can embed Coveo In-Product Experience across your customer touchpoints or make your intranet content easily accessible to employees as they work. Deploy this extension easily through the Chrome Web Store.

ServiceNow source connector

Now with an improved user experience, our ServiceNow connector makes it easier to index content from ServiceNow. Select tables and objects using a point-and-click interface.



Intent-aware session recommendations

Improve the relevancy of recommendations for each shopper session based on intent-aware machine learning. Combine catalog vector mappings with user behavior, so you can personalize in real time even for anonymous shoppers.

Buy-again recommendations

Encourage and simplify product repurchases for returning customers by automatically recommending previously purchased products by propensity to purchase again. Delight your customers with fast and efficient re-orders and add value to each cart.

Enriched analytics dashboards

Discover your new go-to place for commerce metrics. Get insight on top-performing products as well as revenue attribution from search and product listing pages. And, quickly identify where improvements are going to have the most impact.

Snowflake reader account access

Running Snowflake? Now you can initiate data sharing and seamlessly integrate Coveo Usage Analytics into your database. Using other BI tools? With the Snowflake reader account access, connect to live usage analytics instead of relying on daily manual exports.


Adding a search component in AEM sites

Transform site search in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). Create and customize search components that integrate seamlessly into the look and feel of your AEM site using the Coveo interface editor, UI libraries, and Adobe CRX Package Manager.

Indexing JavaScript rich sites

Discover a streamlined configuration for crawling and indexing web content. With the new setup flow, it’s even easier to configure the Coveo web connector to crawl JavaScript-rich websites.

Smart snippets (early access)

Make all your frequently asked questions accessible in one place. Smart snippets leverage machine learning to dynamically provide the answer to a question right within your search results.

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