COVID-19 important update

We believe in the power of the Coveo community

Dear Coveo customers.

With all the unknowns of COVID-19, I want to let you know that we are here for you during these unprecedented and uncertain times. We believe deeply in the power of the Coveo community, and together we can emerge stronger, more resilient and better prepared for a digitally transformed world.

We understand and acknowledge the magnitude of COVID-19.

We understand that this situation is serious and different than what we, as a society, have experienced before. Previous crises were mostly economic, fueled by financial exuberance. This one is a human crisis and no one is immune. From what we understand, this pandemic will pass, yet with consequences. The way we work together will fundamentally change and need to evolve. While this is a major disruption, we believe it’s also an opportunity for us to reimagine how we connect and work virtually with you - our customers, partners and colleagues.

Protecting people is our first priority.

That’s you. We know that you are focused on your emotional and physical safety, and the need to adjust to a new normal. We are taking swift action to ensure everyone we work with is safe and that their health comes first. We have set the bar high for COVID-19 response protocols, using best-in-class practices.

We are creating our own set of internal best practices to cope during this time, and we want to share it with you.

Our mission doesn’t change. We want our customers to be true digital heroes.

We know that now, more than ever, it is survival of the digital first and fittest.

We understand that your organization is experiencing new challenges. We are committed to helping you adapt and use world-class technology to become better digital organizations in every area of your business — in commerce, in customer service, and in the workplace.

We are your partner in your digital transformation, and we are here to help your business embrace virtual intelligent experiences so you can operate in the post-COVID world.

We commit to continue providing the very best level of service across our platform and products, without disruption to our customers. This means that:

  • We are committed to maintaining customer support service levels and response times.

  • All Professional Services engagements and Customer Success activities will continue according to plan.

We are increasing access to Coveo product managers and experience intelligence experts to help you with what you need now. We’re here to help you with strategy sessions, problem solving, rapid learning and more. However we can be of service, please let us know. To request a session with an expert, contact your Customer Manager or Customer Success Manager directly.

You can leverage our community, Coveo Connect, at any time to access knowledge and learning content, share ideas, join discussions and connect with our support team.

Coveo will not stop investing.

Effective immediately, we intend to significantly augment our investment in customer success, to promote continuity and ensure that your business succeeds in these new virtual and digital times.

This includes investments in growing our customer success team and investments in digital, including constant improvement to our community, Coveo Connect, to enhance your experience.

We will also accelerate investment to virtualize the company and provide the best-in-class technology and processes to enable flawless engagements between our customers and our team.

It is important to note that we are not stopping or slowing down our aggressive R&D investments; we have an incredible roadmap for our platform and applications portfolio, and we will continue to hire and invest in this area exactly as originally planned.

We are extremely well prepared to weather the storm and invest when it makes sense.

We believe that prudence and ambition are highly compatible. Our financial position ensures that we won’t be forced to make short-sighted decisions and will continue to look at the long-term horizon for our business. We will invest where it makes sense to help our customers and partners succeed.  With a $227M investment last November, we have the strongest balance sheet in the industry.

We have 500 committed, passionate and talented employees who are more determined than ever to make you the digital heroes of these times.

We’re committed to your success & the well-being of the community.

During this time, we want to help our communities respond to this crisis.

I invite you to share ideas for areas we can help you, your team, your organization, and/or your community. Please send your ideas and suggestions directly to me at

Finally, I want to thank you for continuing to partner with us. We feel privileged to be working with you, and we know that the work we do together is important - it helps you lead through uncertain times, to be more relevant and intelligent today, while planning for a future where the way people work, buy, educate and engage will be dramatically different.

Together, we will emerge stronger and more resilient. We are here to make you a digital hero in a world that is transforming by the day.

With gratitude,

Our Response to COVID-19

Following the increase in severity of the Covid-19 outbreak in North America, the UK and Europe, we thought it was important to provide a comprehensive update to all of our customers and partners. 

The wellness, health and safety of our employees, customers and partners is paramount and our very first order of priority.  Coveo has introduced safety measures across our global organization to reduce risk to our employees including a shift to prioritizing work-from-home and a strict limit on all travel.

During this unprecedented time, we will continue to provide the very best level of service across our platform and products, without disruption to our customers.   This means, that:

  • We are committed to maintaining customer support service levels and response times.

  • All Professional Services engagements and Customer Success activities will continue according to plan.

You can find additional information about our Global Customer Success and Support Plans,  Case Severity Levels and Response Times and Case Escalation Process and Guidelines here.

We have also decided to transition all of our Coveo Impact events into digital experiences and will be refunding any paid registrations immediately. Please know that processing time may take 3-5 days. We will be sharing more in the very near future. 

We want you and your team to emerge from this crisis as strong digital experience leaders. Our team of Coveo experts are here to help strategize, support, and accelerate your use of the Coveo platform to serve your organization during this challenging time and beyond.

If you have any questions or feedback, please connect directly with your Customer Success Manager, Customer Manager or directly with our Vice President, Professional Services and Technical Support, Alain Bouchard. You can also leverage  our community, Coveo Connect to log a case.

We will continue to monitor the situation carefully and provide timely updates across our channels.

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