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Maximize site conversions with a natively integrated site search and recommendation engine. Leverage content from any source and let AI automatically personalize content discovery.

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Drive conversions with relevant content

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Intelligent site search

Bring search users to the right content faster with type-as-you-go query completion and self-optimizing result rankings. With predictive search, tailor content discovery to help each visitor learn, convert, and buy.

Relevant content recommendations

Automatically detect intent from queries and clicks. Then, instantly recommend content and products that a person is more likely to need. 

Personalized interactions

Enable machine learning to help predict what each visitor will need next. Combine insights from a user’s queries with refined user clustering to offer deeper experience personalization

Increase the impact of your website quickly

Seamless Integration

Create and customize search components right within Sitecore to integrate AI-powered search seamlessly into the look and feel of your current website.

A single unified index

Connect content from virtually any source – systems, sites, apps, social media, and more. Expand your breadth of content and return the most relevant content with every site search and recommendation.

Automatic relevance tuning

Leverage our out-of-the-box machine learning models to provide real-time personalized results that get auto-optimized even without manual tagging, programming, or rules management.

Get the insights that drive results

User journeys demystified

Get invaluable information about user activity and their search journeys. Walk in your customers’ shoes to understand their digital journeys and get the data you need to optimize the experience.

Search relevance analytics

With Coveo Analytics, you can compare click counts and average click-rank to ensure your content is relevant in every interaction. Get deeper search data and see how search impacts web conversions. 

Actionable insights

View which content is performing best, and learn which searches yield no results or get no clicks. With better insights, refine your content strategy to deliver better answers, increase engagement, and drive conversions.


Build faster with our trusted partners

From faster implementations, to broader solution strategies, find a partner to help accelerate your relevance transformation.

Frequently asked questions

Coveo for Sitecore integration is the only relevance solution that fully integrates with Sitecore. Leveraging Sitecore APIs, Coveo for Sitecore blends its unified, AI-powered search capabilities into the Sitecore experience. Popular features include native indexing capabilities (including multi-site and multi-language support) and out-of-the-box search controls. Learn more about all that Coveo for Sitecore integration can do.

Yes, you can download the free trial version of Coveo for Sitecore here. You can also schedule a personalized demo with a Coveo for Sitecore specialist, who’ll be happy to answer all of your questions.

Coveo for Sitecore integration pricing depends on which plan you choose. Currently, we offer two plans—Pro+ and Enterprise+—each with its own features and functionality. The Pro+ plan makes more sense for enterprises that need a site search engine that’s deeply integrated with Sitecore. The Enterprise+ plan is for enterprises that need search and recommendations with Sitecore xDB personalization. Get all the details about Coveo for Sitecore plans and pricing.

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