In the world of ecommerce, merchandising refers to the actions you take to promote your products or services on your storefront. The most important function of merchandising is to guide your users through their customer journey. If you can lock that in, you’re looking at the potential for a lot more sales.

How does merchandising work in ecommerce?

At the most basic level, merchandising in ecommerce can be achieved with promotional initiatives like website banners, product badging, and discounts. However, the most effective strategies rely on personalization. With personalization, you can offer a customized user experience that provides predictive search, unique content, and product recommendation relevant to each of your customers.

Will merchandising really impact my ecommerce sales?

When you use a personalization platform like Coveo, you’ll unlock personalization at scale. Each of your customers will have a completely relevant experience that benefits them and motivates them to spend more money with your brand. For all the info about how Coveo can help you drive more revenue through personalization, click here.


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