Developer Toolkit

Coveo understands that developers are at the core of every successful business. Developers know better than anyone else how to optimize their organization for success. That’s why we aim to provide them with everything they need to make it happen.

How does Coveo help developers?

The Coveo team has invested long hours to guarantee that developers have access to the features they need to make the most of the Coveo platform.

The developer experience includes:

  • A Modern Headless Model

    The Coveo model is made up of hosted, drag-and-drop search pages and a high-performance headless toolkit. The model is fully user interface framework agnostic, so developers can use the UI of their choice. And for developers who don’t need full control over the appearance of their search page, there’s Coveo Atomic, a default pre-built component library that’s easy to customize.

  • Command Line Interface (CLI)

    The Coveo CLI enables developers to push configuration changes from sandbox to production, allowing developers to manage Coveo with code and gain access to tools to help index content, design a UI, and troubleshoot deployments.

  • Easy To Use Push APIs

    Coveo Push API SDKs will now be available in three mainstream languages: Python, Java, and NodeJS. New native connectors, including Adobe and Slack, have also been added.

  • The “Level Up” Training Portal

    Developers who want to learn how to solve business problems using the Coveo Platform can join Coveo’s Level Up platform – a modern online learning environment where developers can upskill and earn certifications through a personalized and gamified experience. Developers have the flexibility to learn at their own pace, join live events, and get hands-on experience with an expert.

“We built our platform with the challenges of relevance in mind, offering low-code configurability alongside full code access that enables developers to extend and customize. Our investments in developer education, documentation, and tooling ensure that every brand, regardless of technical skill, complexity, or scale, can deliver relevance with every digital interaction.” - Laurent Simoneau, Co-Founder, President and CTO at Coveo.

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