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Coveo’s AI-powered search brings relevance to every interaction customers, partners and employees have with your organization.

Google Search Appliance Replacement

Go beyond enterprise search: replace your GSA with out of the box relevance

Google Search Appliance
Insight Engines deliver relevant information proactively in the context of digital workers or customers, at timely business moments.

Coveo Named as a Leader in Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines.

Gartner's Magic Quadrant for engine Isights

How It Works

Put the most relevant information at everyone’s fingertips.


Coveo connects and unifies information from across your on-premise and cloud applications, securely.


Coveo automatically suggests relevant information, experts, products and services to customers as they self-serve, and to employees as they work.


Coveo makes search intuitive so employees and customers can easily find anything, anywhere.


Coveo provides complete visibility into usage and performance, enabling you to monitor and continuously optimize.

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