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Intelligent Customer Support with Dynamics 365

Watch this webinar replay with MSDynamicsWorld.com to learn how to take advantage of AI-powered search for Microsoft Dynamics 365 in order to create an intelligent support strategy.

Replace GSA on your Sitecore site with AI-Powered Search

Personalize your website visitors’ experiences on Sitecore - automatically. By upgrading from your Google Search Appliance, you can harness the power of AI to deliver personalized and relevant content to every visitor every time.

This 45-minute webinar will walk through the key capabilities of Coveo for Sitecore and the GSA replacement process.

Innovation Exchange: Building a Foundation for Transformative Self-Service

Watch this webinar replay hosted by the Director’s Club and Coveo which outlines vital steps that you can undertake to transform your self-service strategy and understand the true value it is having on your business

Enhance your eCommerce Experience with Machine Learning

Watch on-demand to find out how a mass retailer recreated its personalized store experience online to create a site that has become a powerful driver of revenue and fulfill its brand promise of superior service. Discover how applying machine learning to site search allowed the company to create a relevant and contextual experience for each visitor - increasing the average purchase amount, conversion rate, and much more.

Partner Community Best Practices: Creating successful partner self-service experiences on Community Cloud

If you're like most companies, your growth is heavily reliant on a successful partner and alliance network. They're an extension of your sales teams and help accelerate business when properly equipped with the right content and tools to sell. Watch this webinar replay to learn best practices followed by successful partner communities.

Introducing Coveo on Elasticsearch

With Coveo on Elasticsearch you can now benefit from the best of both worlds: the scalability and open source nature of Elasticsearch, enhanced by Coveo’s enterprise grade search solution and insight engine.

This presentation will walk through the key benefits and features of Coveo on Elasticsearch, show you how easy it is to deploy and manage and provide you with a demonstration of the solution in action.

Coveo for Microsoft Dynamics 365: Bring the Enterprise into Dynamics

Watch this webinar replay for a technical deep dive and demo of our latest product release that delivers AI-powered search for Microsoft Dynamics 365.

Decoding AI: How to Harness AI in Practical Support Scenarios

Watch this webinar replay to see practical, real life examples of how leading support organizations are successfully leveraging AI and machine learning to transform their support operations.

Delivering relevance to your clients with Coveo for Sitecore

Modernize with Coveo AI-powered search to enable digital transformation.

Turning Your Salesforce Community Into a Case Deflection Engine

Watch this webinar replay to learn the three ways you can turn your Salesforce Community into a self-service & case deflection engine.

The Blueprint for Your GSA Upgrade Strategy

Time may be running out on your Google Search Appliance, but there’s still time to craft a smart replacement strategy. Take this opportunity to capitalize on modern and proven advancements in machine learning, artificial intelligence, search usage analytics and more – to vastly upgrade the user experience (think better relevance, happier users), and increase the positive impact of intelligent search on your business.

Impact To-Go Series: Demystifying Coveo Machine Learning

Machine learning is complex and difficult for most companies to grasp, much less apply. As a result, big data is left unused, the customer journey remains a black hole and delivering relevant experiences becomes impossible.

From Simple Search to Relevance: Evolving to the Cloud

To learn more about machine learning capabilities and how you can use them on your own site, view the webinar for a best practices session and overview of the benefits of the Coveo for Sitecore Cloud Edition

40% Boost in Case Deflection – How Brocade Is Doing It with Salesforce & Coveo

This webinar illustrates how Brocade, the world’s leading network solutions company, modernized its agent - and self-service platform - replacing its legacy Oracle Knowledge (Inquira) and Google Search Appliance, with Salesforce Knowledge and Coveo Intelligent Search.

4 Strategies to Move the Needle on Self Service Success

Watch this webinar by Laurel Poertner, Coveo's Head of Training Services, certified KCS trainer and past support and KM leader, to learn the best practices that really move the needle on the customer experience and your key support metrics.

5 Ways to Upskill Your Agents with Search

Watch this webinar to learn the five ways search can upskill your agents, make them great at their job, and boost contact center performance. Using real-world examples and live demos, this webinar explores how unified, proactive search can transform your contact center.

AI-Powered Search Can Impact Your Business: Takeaways from the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Insight Engines

Watch this webinar replay with our CTO Laurent Simoneau to learn how AI-powered search engines are transforming the way brands like Adobe, Salesforce, and Logitech are harnessing the intelligence of their crowds to drive transformative business results.

AI-Powered Search for Sitecore

Personalize your website visitors’ experiences on Sitecore - automatically. Harness the power of AI to deliver personalized and relevant content to every visitor every time.

Assess Search Effectiveness with Metrics that Matter

Watch this webinar replay with Coveo Customer Success Manager, Steve DiMillo, to learn how to infuse relevance into every interaction, and gain visibility into factors that influence customer success by understanding the real-time value of your top 3 data points of your Coveo analytics.

Becoming Relevant: An intro to the Coveo Relevance Maturity Model

Watch this webinar replay where CEO Louis Tetu introduces The Coveo Relevance Maturity Model™. During the session Louis walks through each step to help you identify what level of relevance maturity you are at today, where you could be, and what you need to do to get there.

Best Practices for Building a Community for Support & Self-Service

Watch this webinar replay, with real life examples from brands like Adobe, Logitech and Salesforce, to learn how to drive engagement and self-service success by delivering relevant and proactive answers.

Best Practices for Building an Intelligent Sitecore Website with Site Search

Watch this webinar replay to deep dive into why proper site search provides the opportunity to build highly relevant content experiences that drive conversions, order value, and close the loyalty and lifetime value loop.

Boosting Your Customer Service KPIs: See How PDI & Others Did It

Watch this info-packed webinar to learn how PDI Inc. and other Coveo customers have harnessed the power of unified, contextual search to dramatically improve customer self-service and contact center performance.

Build Better Search Experiences on Community Cloud

Watch this webinar replay to learn how to leverage the Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition to create a personalized, proactive and appealing search interface for your users.

Building Intelligent Websites with Sitecore & Coveo

Watch this webinar replay with Dan Cruickshank from Fishtank Consulting and Mark Floisand from Coveo to learn how you can use Sitecore and Coveo together to help your customers build smarter intranets and set them on the journey to the intelligent digital workplace.

Provide Fast and Relevant Answers to Customers With Intelligent Search

Hear the panel of experts from Salesforce, Appirio, Sonus Networks and Coveo share how leading companies are boosting customer self-service and contact center performance by enabling unified, intelligent search for Salesforce.

Demo: Coveo for Salesforce

Watch this Demo of Coveo for Salesforce and learn why innovative companies like Rembrandt M&A and Salesforce use it to power their own success communities and support agent consoles.

Create Relevant “Wow” Moments Throughout Your Customer’s Journey

Watch this webinar replay with TSIA to learn ways to elevate your knowledge management game using the Relevance Maturity Model that has proved successful for TSIA member companies.

Creating a Case Deflection Engine with Your Salesforce Community for Free

Watch this webinar replay to see how BRP delivers a partner community across a network of 4200 dealers and 8 languages, with one search tool and one knowledge center.

Creating a data-driven content strategy with search usage analytics

Join us to learn more about how Coveo's machine learning and usage analytics can make your Sitecore powered website even more responsive by helping you serve up relevant content every time.

Creating contextually relevant digital experiences

Discover how to create the most effective digital experience for your website visitors, by empowering them with relevant and exceptional interactions at every digital touchpoint.

Demo: Coveo for Salesforce

Watch this in-depth demonstration of our self-learning, intelligent search app for Salesforce Service Cloud and Community Cloud and learn how you can use the technology to improve your customer support metrics.

Extending your xDB personalization with site search

Watch this webinar replay with Coveo and Sitecore to discover how to extend the Sitecore xDB into your search results and allow you to create contextually relevant and predictive experiences within Sitecore - automatically.

Being the Best: 5 Best Practices for Site Search

Great site search lets you start a dialogue with each visitor and create more personal and relevant experiences that engage and convert. Watch the webinar and learn how to create high-impact search-based experiences for each visitor based upon their unique activity and profile.

Free AI-Powered Search for Your Salesforce Community

Watch this webinar replay to learn about the new Coveo for Salesforce Free Edition, which offers a fast, barrier-free solution that infuses AI-powered search directly within your Salesforce Community and App Clouds.

How the Intelligent Workplace will Change Your Company

Watch this webinar replay by Mark Floisand, Coveo's Chief Marketing Officer, to learn the capabilities of an intelligent workplace that enhances employee proficiency, and the four steps to designing the ideal intelligent workplace.

Success Story: How VMware Uses Intelligent Search to Boost Self-Service

Learn how VMware transformed its self-service portal, increased partner engagement and satisfaction, and boosted sales with Intelligent Search from Coveo.

How VMware Delivers Effortless Self-Service for 75,000 Partners

Watch this webinar recording from Salesforce to hear how VMware uses Coveo to power its partner community and turn it into a one-stop hub for partners to access all the information they need.

How XERO Improves the Customer Experience by Increasing Agent Proficiency

Watch this webinar replay to learn about Xero’s journey, the lessons they’ve learned to-date and what’s next as they work to create personal, relevant moments at every touchpoint of their customers' experience with AI-powered search.

The Impact of Intelligent Search on the Digital Workplace

Watch this webinar to hear from Coveo and our distinguished guest, Dr. Jay Liebowitz, former business Professor at Johns Hopkins University, about the critical role intelligent search is playing to enable digital work and customer engagement.

Impact-to-Go: Maximize Adoption of Coveo in your Agent Console

Watch this webinar replay to help you get the most from Coveo in the Salesforce Service Cloud.

Implement KCS v6℠ at Your Organization

Watch this webinar replay to learn how you can implement KCS v6SM at your organization.

Informatica’s Journey to AI-Powered Self-Service Support

Watch this webinar replay to learn how Informatica leverages the knowledge they have about their customer interactions to drive successful self-service experiences, and increase customer satisfaction.

AI + Web Self-Service = New Customer Economics

Watch this webinar replay by Mark Floisand, Coveo's Chief Marketing Officer, to learn best practices for leveraging the collective knowledge in your organization to improve self-service results and the customer experience.

KCS Fundamentals & Self-Service Success

Watch this webinar replay by Laurel Poetner, Head of Training Services at Coveo, to learn about the fundamentals of Knowledge Centered Services v6 and how to tie them back to your roadmap towards more intelligent and effortless self-service.

KCS Strategies for Improving the Customer Experience

Watch this webinar to learn how service innovators around the world are using intelligent search technologies coupled with user-powered knowledge management approaches to help drive KCS success.

Strategies to Achieve KCS Success with Intelligent Search

Watch this webinar to learn from KCS thought-leader Jennifer MacIntosh on how service innovators around the world are using intelligent search technologies coupled with user-powered knowledge management approaches to help drive KCS success

Key Strategies to Re-Engage Employees

Watch this webinar replay to learn four key strategies and approaches companies can utilize to re-engage employees and create more unified, higher-performing teams.

Leverage Coveo for KCS Success

Watch this webinar replay to learn the basics of how creating a knowledge sharing culture is critical to understanding content health and gaining insight on the self-service journey.

Mastering Micro-Moments That Build Customer Journeys

Watch this short webinar replay with Coveo and Verndale to discover how to use context to optimize the micro-moments on your website.

High Impact Search for Your Sitecore Website

Watch this webinar to learn about the options available for search on Sitecore websites, and how to build high-impact search into your site fast.

Office Hours: Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud

Watch this webinar replay to learn about the new Coveo for Sitecore Enterprise Cloud edition, which includes all of the great capabilities of our Pro Cloud edition and does even more.

Office Hours with the Coveo for Sitecore Team

Learn more and get answers to frequently asked questions about Coveo for Sitecore v4.0 and a new cloud-based edition of the award-winning app.

Optimization at Scale: leveraging AI to improve digital experiences

In this session we'll explore how your marketing organization can leapfrog the competition by leveraging machine learning to deliver testing and optimization at scale to ensure your website produces the results you need.

Overcoming the Roadblocks to Self-Service Success

Listen to TSIA’s VP Research, Customer Success & Support Services Judith Platz and Coveo’s VP of Customer Success Jen MacIntosh for a best practices webinar that
analyzes why so many self-service programs fail, and what it takes to create a winning self-service strategy.

Frequently Asked Questions: Preparing to Upgrade from GSA

The Google Search Appliance is at end-of-life. What next? Get started on your upgrade process by getting your crucial questions answered from MC+A and Coveo.

Self-Learning Search for Salesforce Communities

Watch this webinar, which includes a demo and real-world success stories, to learn how Coveo for Salesforce brings intelligent search, powered by machine-learning, to Salesforce Communities.

Site Search Best Practices for CMOs and Digital Marketers

Watch this webinar replay by Mark Floisand, Coveo's Chief Marketing Officer, to learn why proper site search provides the opportunity to build highly relevant, exceptional content experiences that not only drive conversion, order value and retention, but ultimately close the loyalty and lifetime value loop.

The Future of eCommerce

Watch this webinar replay with Coveo, Sitecore and Redweb to discover how leading brands devise their eCommerce strategies.

The People Side of AI-Powered Search

Watch this webinar replay to learn how to help your organization embrace, adopt and use AI-powered search, techniques that will enable you to break change down into phases, and the success Coveo customers have seen using these practices.

The Secret to Data-Driven Self-Service Success

Watch this webinar replay with TSIA to learn why search usage analytics is the only way to get a clear vision of your self-service journeys, content consumption and positive outcomes.

Transform your Service Organization from Reactive to Predictive

Watch this webinar replay to understand how to shift your organization from being reactive to proactive, to better meet the needs of your customers and staff.

Measuring Case Deflection and Self-Service Success

Customer support leaders often find it challenging to measure case deflection as most approaches rely heavily on assumptions. Watch this webinar by TSIA and Coveo to discover a more precise approach to help you measure and improve case deflection.

Turn Your Support Portal Into a Self-Service Engine

Companies that use Coveo for Salesforce to bring intelligent, self-learning search to their support portals have seen up to 3X improvement in case deflection. Watch this demo webinar and learn how Coveo for Salesforce enables successful self-service.

Why use Coveo Search to replace Google Search Appliance

Join TechAspect and Coveo to discuss replacing your Google Search Appliance with next-gen intelligent search.

Your 2017 Roadmap to Intelligent Self-Service

As 2016 comes to a close, how will your self-service strategy transform in 2017? Will it limp along, frustrating customers, or leverage intelligence to radically transform your customer experience? In this informative and action-oriented webinar, we’ll look at the financial impacts of inaction, and help you build a business case & roadmap towards intelligent self-service.

Your Roadmap to Intelligent Assisted Support

Watch this action-oriented webinar with TSIA to learn best practices to improve your assisted support strategy. We’ll cover the journey to intelligence, the metrics you need to track and they key elements to integrate in your overarching support strategy.

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