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BRP Enhances its Knowledge Offering to Dealer Network with Coveo for Salesforce

World-renowned for their recreational products & vehicles, BRP is a global leader in the design, development, manufacturing, distribution and marketing of power sports vehicles. With 4200 dealers located across the globe, BRP needed an efficient self-service platform in which dealers could easily and seamlessly log in to a central portal to find relevant information. After exploring different options, BRP chose Coveo’s search capabilities to improve their self-service dealership platform.

#1 Provider of Enterprise Cloud Data Management Solutions Boosts Case Deflection by 120%

With a growing customer list, over 350 support engineers, and 11 contact centers that support 10 different languages, Informatica was in urgent need to enhance its self-service strategy in order to scale support operations. Read how they drastically improved their customer satisfaction with Coveo.

Sonus Networks Serves Fast-Changing Markets in a Whole New Way with Coveo

Sonus is a leading provider of SIP-based communication equipment. Implementing Coveo for Salesforce Service and Community Cloud Editions has enabled it to deliver on-demand knowledge to its more than 100,000 customers and 900 customer support analysts and Sonus expects to see a 20% improvement in self-service resolution rates and increase in CSAT scores.

Tokyo Electron America Upskills Field Service Engineers with Intelligent Search to Achieve Customer Outcomes

With a customer base as geographically diverse as its product manufacturing and knowledge creation, Tokyo Electron America recognized it required a next-generation solution for its field service team to fundamentally alter the nature of its customer relationships and to ensure customers were receiving the help they needed to achieve their strategic outcomes.

SunGard Public Sector Boosts Customer Service & Staff Productivity with Coveo Search

SunGard makes customer support effortless by using Coveo’s unified and proactive search to power its customer self-service capabilities and upskill support agents at the point of need. With Coveo, SunGard has improved CSAT, case deflection, and employee productivity.

3i Investment Professionals Use Coveo for Real-Time Deal Intelligence

3i Group selected Coveo to empower its staff members with unified and secure search across all its knowledge repositories, all while supporting stringent regulatory and compliance obligations. With Coveo, time-to-access for deal-related knowledge has been reduced 90 percent and the resources required to respond to compliance requests has dropped 20 percent.

Simpler Media Drives Up Relevance and Conversions on CMSWire.com Using Coveo for Sitecore

B2B publication, CMSWire.com, attracts 3.5 million annual readers and is continuously growing. It needed an architecture that could easily scale and support multiple brands, websites, and publishing targets to support its growth. With Coveo for Sitecore, CMSWire has improved user experience, enhanced the relevance of its content and has increased its mobile conversions by 125% in the last 12 months.

Medallia Improves Agent Proficiency and Customer Experience Through Contextually Relevant Content with Coveo

Medallia’s vision to empower users on their quest for a great customer experience was stunted due to an inefficient search strategy that prevented customers from getting the information they needed. Coveo’s AI-powered search empowers Tier 1 agents to handle 34% more cases on their own, and has increased the customer experience, with a 5-point NPS improvement in one quarter alone.

Institute of Food Technologists Boosts Website Performance with Coveo for Sitecore

The Institute of Food Technologists – with more than 17,000 members from more than 95 countries – brings together food scientists, technologists and related professionals from across the globe, with its website serving as the primary knowledge hub and online interaction forum for this global membership. Learn how the IFT used Coveo to dramatically improve the website search experience for its members.

Global Leader in Energy Management Uses Coveo for Salesforce to Increase Agent Productivity

A global leader in energy management serving multiple market segments, this company is using Coveo for Salesforce to develop a scalable knowledge management strategy for the company’s global support organization. Implementing Coveo’s solution has enhanced support agents’ ability to provide personalized advice for each customer, helped the company better identify emerging customer needs, and increased both customer and employee satisfaction.

Think Mutual Bank Collaborates with Search-Powered Knowledge Sharing and Expertise Finding

Think Mutual Bank wanted to fortify its Sitecore Intranet Portal with intelligent search so its employees can have the knowledge they need at their fingertips. Learn how Think transformed its intranet into a vibrant knowledge sharing and collaboration hub, achieved 100 percent intranet user adoption, streamlined customer service and enabled proactive knowledge management with Coveo for Sitecore.

Pöttinger Deploys Search-Driven Knowledge to Accelerate Staff Productivity and Engage Website Visitors

Pöttinger selected Coveo to help its employees easily seek and find the information they need to be more proficient at their work. Coveo search proved popular with Pöttinger employees and resulted in higher staff productivity and lower administrative costs for IT. Pöttinger now aligns all future IT projects and initiatives to Coveo’s capabilities and integration.

TSIA Improves Search Results, User Experience, and Member Satisfaction with Coveo Intelligent Search

Prior to Coveo, employees – much less members – could not easily find the content they needed on TSIA’s website. With the help of Coveo Intelligent Search, TSIA was able to improve its search results, increase member satisfaction and enhance the user experience.

Rembrandt Wins More Deals with Intelligent Search for Salesforce

Rembrandt Fusies & Overnames (Mergers & Acquisitions) is a leading independent corporate finance advisor for privately-owned companies in the Netherlands. Rembrandt uses Coveo for Salesforce to put deal-related information and expertise at their financial analysts’ fingertips to help them better serve customers and win more deals.

Harris Corporation Increases Productivity with Coveo Intelligent Search

In the Government Communications Systems Division at Harris Corporation, engineers needed a more effective way to tap existing knowledge and avoid duplicating work. With the help of Coveo Intelligent Search, Harris increased productivity, realized notable ROI and unlocked value from existing assets.

American Society of Anesthesiologists Optimizes Search on Its Website with Coveo for Sitecore

With a membership base of more than 51,000 physicians, residents and students worldwide, the American Society of Anesthesiologists (ASA) depends on its website to provide members with the right piece of research, in real time. Learn how the ASA uses Coveo for Sitecore to deliver highly relevant content and dramatically improve the website search experience for its members.

EXFO Connects Content-Aware Knowledge with Coveo for Salesforce

EXFO is the leading provider of next-generation test and service assurance solutions for wireline and wireless network operators and equipment manufacturers in the global telecommunications industry. EXFO’s continued growth and success depends on the quick response and shared knowledge of its service agents, and on the highest satisfaction of its customers.

KeyBank Unlocks Relevant Internal Knowledge, Improves Results and Usage with Coveo Intelligent Search

The bank’s 15,000 employees need easy access to relevant content throughout the bank’s extensive internal knowledge base. With the help of Coveo Intelligent Search, KeyBank’s employees find it much easier to find the content they need.

Majedie Asset Management Improves Its Return on Knowledge with Coveo

With the help of Coveo, Majedie now has a consolidated view of relevant contextual information, allowing greater insights for more informed decisions. Collective knowledge has now become one of the greatest assets in its portfolio.

Deltek Uses Coveo to “Know More. Do More.” A Story of Customer Service Transformation.

Deltek, Inc., a global enterprise software provider, wanted to increase the capacity of its customer care organization and improve customers’ access to support information. Since deploying Coveo Intelligent Search to its customer care analysts and self-service portal, Deltek has seen significant improvement in its self-service metrics, case resolution times, and overall customer satisfaction.

CAIJ Raises the Bar with Coveo’s Personalized Website Search

The Centre d’accès à l’information juridique (CAIJ) is a network of 40 libraries serving the members of the Québec Bar and Judiciary. After deploying Coveo Intelligent Search on its website, CAIJ saw a 67 percent increase in average visit duration and an 18 percent increase in web visitors.

L’Oreal Lifts Employee Productivity with Coveo Intelligent Search

The L’Oreal Switzerland operation is one of many branches around the world. As product, customer and other information about its myriad product lines, its customers and research proliferated over the years, it became challenging for employees to locate the information necessary to better develop, market and sell products.

Boston Children’s Hospital Implements Coveo to Deliver Optimal Patient Care

Operating in a time-sensitive environment where up-to-date and accurate information is essential, Boston Children’s Hospital relies on Coveo Intelligent Search to identify and eliminate outdated and redundant content, while providing its employees with a unified view of accurate, real-time information located in disparate systems – which can be quickly distilled through faceted search – to meet the user’s specific needs.

Fortune 50 Healthcare Company – A Story of Knowledge Management Transformation

With operations throughout the world, this Fortune 50 began a journey to transform its Knowledge Management to increase innovation, competitiveness and productivity. With Coveo Intelligent Search, hundreds of the company’s workers can now access their knowledge ecosystem with 20/20 vision, saving valuable time and increasing productivity.

INO Transforms Knowledge to Speed Innovation and Better Serve Customers with Coveo

Institut national d’optique (INO), a technological design and development firm specializing in optics and photonic solutions, has been awarded more than 180 patents since the company was founded in 1985. Deeply integrated into INO’s IT systems and the daily activities of its employees, Coveo Intelligent Search is helping INO leverage its knowledge capital – people and IP – to accelerate its innovation capabilities and advance customers’ businesses.

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