AI-Powered Workplace

All the features for enabling employee productivity

Create one search and knowledge experience across company sites and applications, one department at a time.

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Create a one-stop shop for your employees

Unified index

Allow employees to surface the most relevant content in one list, regardless of format or where it resides – in specific applications, websites, internal servers, and more.

AI-powered search

Leverage machine learning to help employees locate the right resources faster by suggesting or completing their queries as they type, as well as adjusting typos.

Personalized people and document recommendations

Point employees towards the best knowledge to consult and the right people to connect with. Automatically tune the relevance of recommendations based on location, department, or other important attributes.

Usage analytics

Get deeper insights into what employees are looking for with experience analytics including search activity, clicks, content gaps, and custom events. Access the data you need to further fine-tune your employee experience.

Access management

Manage access to content, so only the right people are able to view restricted content. Coveo manages security at the index level, not the source, giving you added flexibility.

Employee Self-Service

Give employees the knowledge they need quickly

Unified HR & IT portals

Centralize foundational HR and IT knowledge through your self-service portal, so employees can access enterprise-wide content in one place.

AI-powered search

Offer predictive query suggestions and typo tolerance as employees search to ensure employees find the most accurate, relevant, and useful content based on intent.

Dynamic navigation

Let employees zero in on the right resource quickly with search that dynamically optimizes filters based on the query and relevant metadata.

Incident deflection

As an employee raises an issue in your IT or HR incident submission forms, instantly recommend relevant content in case the answer is just a click away.

Personalized recommendations

Personalize your employee portals with dynamic content recommendations. Tailor content based on employee role and user interactions.

Chatbot intelligence

Allow your chatbot to surface answers and content across enterprise systems when they haven’t been mapped by connecting your existing bot technology to AI-powered search.

Access management

To ensure employees see only the content they’re entitled to access, adjust permissions based on role, team, and department, or let our native connectors automatically replicate a system’s security settings.

Help Desk Enablement

Give specialists and fulfillers the tools to drive resolutions quickly

Employee journey insights

Give agents line of sight into an employee’s digital journey prior to the service call or ticket submission. Agents can see what content employees have engaged with and can personalize the response.

Contextual knowledge recommendations

Add proactive AI-powered knowledge recommendations directly in the help desk console to provide agents with the best knowledge article suggestions based on keywords from the incident submitted.

AI-powered search

Guide agents as they search with as-you-type query suggestions based on relevant and successful searches used by others. And, rank results based on relevance across enterprise-wide systems.


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