AI-Powered Service

All the features for ultra-relevant customer journeys

Coveo delivers the AI-powered relevance behind amazing customer experiences – from effortless self-service to efficient assisted support.

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Customer Self-Service

Make sure customers find what they need

As-you-type suggestions

Provide query recommendations as customers search, guiding them gently and efficiently towards the most relevant content.

Personalized search results

Offer every customer their own flavor of search results based on context and previous interactions.

Dynamic content filtering

Add filters then enable machine learning to display only the ones relevant to the query at hand. Let customers filter results easily to zero in on what they need.

User-focused recommendations

Provide real-time recommendations based on a user’s profile, interactions, areas of interest, or other similar profiles. Show your customers you understand them.

Personalization for anonymous users

Even when a customer hasn’t logged in, make suggestions based on their searches and clicks. When they log in or create an account, automatically stitch the data.

Proactive support

Offer up content based on where a customer last left off or what others found useful, supporting them before they even go looking for answers.

Case deflecting recommendations

As a customer raises an issue in your case submission form, recommend the most relevant content. An instant answer could be just a click away.

Streamlined case submission

Add AI-powered recommendations to simplify the customer workflow by automatically suggesting the appropriate dropdown values and classifications.

Chatbot recommendations

Connect your chatbot to AI-powered search to tap into helpful content that wasn’t mapped or that exists in another resource library.

Continuous intelligence

Connect every channel and product your customers explore to your index. Then, turn on AI-powered search and recommendations to personalize the entire customer experience.

Agent Enablement

Give agents the tools to drive resolutions quickly

Instant case insights

Provide AI-powered recommendations based on case data to guide agents towards the most helpful content even before searching.

Recent customer activity

Access a snapshot of a customer’s most recent actions to see which resources they’ve consulted or actions they’ve already taken.

Auto-complete search recommendations

Type quickly and find faster with type-as-you-go query suggestions. Even if you make a typo, get relevant search results promptly.

Contextual content insights

Use a query, recent history, or role-specific criteria to increase result relevance, suggest content, and recommend topics most likely to lead to a speedy resolution.

Quick search result actions

Enable one-click actions directly in the search results panel for key tasks like Attach to Case, Copy to Clipboard, Send as Email, and more.

Integrated & fullscreen search

Keep your trusty search easy to access on the sidebar of your CRM panel. Or, expand it to fullscreen to dig deeper into your knowledge base.

Case knowledge overview

Attach a knowledge resource that was useful to a case, or quickly review the content that’s been attached to ensure processes and methodology are followed.

Experience Management

Deliver outstanding customer experiences

AI and manual tuning

Get the best of both worlds by enabling AI-powered recommendations and adding manual tuning to boost or feature specific content.

Quick ML model set-up

Configure basic machine learning models to collect insights without coding, then put them to work. Or, choose our advanced configuration options.

Model testing

Test one model against another or against standard ranking. By comparing query suggestions and search results, you can choose the most relevant configuration for your particular context.

Dashboard templates

Get started quickly with templates for self-service and case deflection, as well as trending queries and content. Drag and drop elements within a dashboard (or to another) and customize as you go.

Custom analytics reporting

Track the KPIs that matter most to you (including content gaps, self-service success, search effectiveness, and more) by customizing your dashboard. And, create custom events to collect data from any point along the journey.

Data visualization

Easily compare year-over-year figures and add visual representations of your data to help demonstrate business value and inform your service roadmap.

Omnichannel analytics

Get the big picture of your service journeys by bringing together search and interaction data from any channel, and connecting Google Analytics to your Coveo data.


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