Replace your Google Search Appliance with out of the box relevance

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Google Search Appliance Google Search Appliance
Google Search Appliance
With the sunsetting of the Google Search Appliance (GSA), you have an opportunity to not just replace your enterprise search technology, but to upgrade, and make the move to cloud-based AI-powered search.

Automated learning to continuously improve results and enhance relevance

Coveo comes with machine learning driven relevance that works out of the box, with next generation capabilities far beyond what GSA could offer, all with little development effort.

User-driven insight to drive better outcomes

Coveo's powerful Usage Analytics track the behaviour of users and turn data into insight, allowing you take to action to improve content or processes, or even allowing for automatic relevance tuning.
Usage Analytics

Customizable and flexible UI for a better search experience

Creating a better user experience has never been easier with Coveo's customizable and flexible UI. Your users will appreciate the difference when presented with their new search pages, helping showcase the value of your replacement project.

Coveo offers unusually rich security functions.

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