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Equip your organization with an enterprise-wide search capability that provides employees with the most relevant information for the task at hand.


Help your colleagues help themselves

Employees want to do the best they can. Coveo's AI-powered enterprise search learns what people search for, determines what has been most useful for others in the company, and predicts the content that will best meet their needs, now and in the future.


Support different employee roles and access levels

Various groups across the company need access to different levels of information. Coveo enterprise search adheres to security and access control privileges to ensure content results are tuned to be relevant, and permissible.


Enable collaboration across the enterprise

Large organizations don’t always share the same jargon or culture; they've often grown through mergers and acquisitions. Coveo enterprise search enable all employees to build upon each others' knowledge, by unifying disparate information from multiple sources and different languages, tuned to be relevant to the job at hand.

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