Better Customer Communities

Foster and nurture a community of like-minded customers. Leverage user-generated content so customers can help themselves. Use Coveo to add value and relevant company knowledge to your community site.

Customer Communities
Customer Communities

Relevant results powered by machine learning

Customers return to your site when they find meaningful solutions. Coveo helps you to deliver relevance beyond results by offering a personalized experience to each customer based on their profile.


Highly customizable UI to match your site

Easily customize the search experience on your community site to reflect your brand consistently, with drag-and-drop features that let you adjust the look and feel based on your community's needs.

Deep insights across user behavior and content usage

Improve your self-service site performance using Coveo Usage Analytics. Understand what information customers are looking for and identify content gaps to increase self-service success. Dig deeper into audience segments to reveal how community visitors are finding and using your content.

User Analytics

Logitech uses Coveo with its Salesforce Community Cloud to bring the organization’s support knowledge ecosystem directly into Salesforce. With Coveo’s self-learning capabilities, Logitech’s support portal now learns what is really helping customers succeed at self-service, then automatically tunes relevancy to maximize customer discovery.

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