Content Personalization

Your visitors expect personalized content on your website, and with the power of AI, it’s easier than ever before. Delivering relevant and personalized content at every interaction leads to more time spent on site and increased conversions.

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Content Personalization Content Personalization
Content Personalization

Deliver personalized search results

No two website visitors are alike and neither are their digital journeys. Machine learning automatically analyzes click-paths and behavior of website visitors to provide a personalized experience. 
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Empower your customers with AI-powered content recommendations

Tailor your customers’ journeys with real-time recommendations. Personalized content accelerates the visit-to-purchase path.  

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Dynamic content pages deliver the right content at the right time

Customize your homepage or content pages to the individual visitor based on their location or stage of the buying journey. Machine learning can automatically generate contextually relevant content for every visitor, every time.  

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Say goodbye to 404 pages

Gone are the days of humorous 404 pages. Customers expect helpful, clear and relevant answers instead. Machine learning instantly suggests and recommends what other information might be useful to the visitor in lieu of a no-results message. 
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We position Coveo as a relevancy engine, to seamlessly select the more relevant content automatically, taking the heavy lifting out of content personalization...

Dan Cruickshank
President of Fishtank
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