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Content Personalization

Relevant, personalized content drives better customer engagement. Delivering the most interesting content to each visitor leads to more time spent on site and higher conversions.


Automatically learn and understand what content works

AI-powered search, using Usage Analytics and Machine Learning, enables you to automatically track user journeys to understand what content is valued by users, and what leads to the most successful outcomes.

Automatically learn and understand what content works

Highlight any content gaps you need to address

Get insight into what content your visitors are looking for, and where you have subject or topic gaps. use this insight to guide your content development efforts, to provide new content that is most relevant to your visitors.


Use AI-powered search to serve up the optimized content

Coveo automatically predicts which content is most likely to satisfy the needs of similar visitors, and uses that insight to return the most relevant results, optimizing user experiences and improving conversion.

Use AI Powered 
We position Coveo as a relevancy engine, to seamlessly select the more relevant content automatically, taking the heavy lifting out of content personalization...
Dan Cruickshank
President of Fishtank
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