On-Demand Webinar

When Online Shopping Becomes the Only Channel

We are in a new reality: one where shoppers are confined to their homes, and retailers have shut their doors. A reality in which retailers need to react now to cope, and adapt quickly to compete once we get through this.

With the online shopping channel now being the only channel, brands and stores have to quickly roll out intelligent, personalized online shopping experiences that meet customer expectations – or risk losing them for good.

View the webinar to get answers from Mark Floisand, SVP Product & Industry Marketing at Coveo, to see how companies are dealing with this new reality by leveraging AI & data. You’ll learn how to:

  • Make the most of your online channel, now.
  • Enable shoppers to find, explore and buy products, intuitively.
  • Deliver personalized product and content recommendations for each shopper.
  • Balance the shopper’s experience with what makes business sense for you.