On-Demand Webinar

Use AI to Unify the Workplace & Transform the Agent Experience

Presented by:

Barry Brooks

Sales Engineer


Juanita Olguin

Senior Product Marketing Manager, Coveo

With growing business complexity and increasing customer expectations, support teams need advanced technologies that help increase productivity to manage the increasing volume of tickets. AI can be used to transform the overall agent and support experience by making access to knowledge a critical enabler. By using AI to unify enterprise-wide knowledge and proactively surfacing the best knowledge articles to agents for the case at hand, agents are empowered to succeed.

Join this masterclass to learn:

  • How you can layer AI into your existing technology ecosystem to augment team capacity while personalizing the customer experience
  • How to leverage existing customer data & company knowledge to create a unified agent and support experience
  • How to use your customer’s entire digital footprint to improve the customer experience