On-Demand Webinar

Turning Your Salesforce Community Into a Case Deflection Engine

Duration: 45 min

David James

Product Marketing Director at Coveo

It’s no surprise when it comes to resolving issues and finding information, customers prefer self-service. And organizations prefer it because it dramatically reduces support costs. But if you want to make great self-service a reality on your Salesforce Community, you need to give customers an intelligent and intuitive search experience and proactively recommend content that can help.

Watch this 60-minute webinar to learn the three ways you can turn your Salesforce Community into a self-service & case deflection engine. In this webinar, we’ll:

  • Share case study examples of successful Salesforce Communities using Coveo
  • Walk through live community sites like Adobe, Logitech and Salesforce
  • Answer questions about how AI-powered search capabilities can help solve common challenges with case deflection