On-Demand Webinar

The Impact of Intelligent Search on the Digital Workplace

Duration: 60 min

Presented by:

Jay Liebowitz

Distinguished Chair in Applied Business and Finance

Diane Berry

Senior Vice President Market Strategy, Coveo

Watch this webinar to hear from Coveo and our distinguished guest, Dr. Jay Liebowitz, former business Professor at Johns Hopkins University, about the critical role intelligent search is playing to enable digital work and customer engagement.

  • How intelligent information can be built into everyday work to help people learn faster, work smarter and better serve their customers.
  • How three organizations are applying intelligent search to solve digital workplace challenges to achieve transformational outcomes including increased proficiency, agility, innovation and customer success.
  • Why intelligent search is critical to the digital workplace.

You’ll hear the findings of a new study conducted by Coveo and Jay Liebowitz, Ph.D., a noted knowledge management expert, on the impact intelligent search is having on the digital workplace, and you will walk away with best practices to apply to your own service organization.