Partner Enablement Series:

The 5 W's for Scoping a Coveo Project

Duration: 60 minutes

Presented By:

François Verpaelst

Solution Architect


Correctly scoping a project is one of the most important steps in setting your client up for success. By popular demand, we are pleased to present a workshop for Coveo partners outlining the key elements for scoping a Coveo project. 

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • The Key Components for Scoping a Coveo Project
  • General Estimates of Hours Required 
  • The Teams, Resources, and Tools Available to Support You

Hear from the experts! Francois is currently a Solution Architect at Coveo with over 15 years experience in systems design and development of world-class insight solutions, business software, defense R&D and public safety. His specialties include Solution Architecture, Business Intelligence, Business Analysis, and Team Management.