Live Demo Webinar:

Fast-track your workplace digital transformation with Coveo for ServiceNow

Duration: 30 minutes

Presented By:

Frederick Heneine

Directeur, Alliances, chez Coveo


Barry Brooks

Sales Engineer


Live Demo Webinar: Unify and personalize your employee experiences with Coveo for ServiceNow 

For many, working exclusively from home has served as a wake-up call. Although this may not be something we plan on sustaining for the long term, there is one thing that remains a certainty - whether your workforce is on-site, remote, mobile or more likely a combination of all three; your employees need access to data and information to get their jobs done. The easier and more efficient you make that for them, the more productive they will be. And, the better you make the experience for them, the more motivated and engaged they will be. 

Watch this live demo session on-demand and learn how Coveo’s native integration with ServiceNow can help you transform your employee experience and:

  • Reduce portal fatigue by unifying access to content across all your applications
  • Increase engagement by recommending the most relevant content to each employee based on their profile and preferences 
  • Making self-serve options more successful with AI-powered search & recommendations
  • Providing analytic insight on content gaps and emerging trends