Live Demo

Coveo AI-Powered Relevance for Customer Support

30 minutes

Presented By:

Ezmie Bouchard

Product Manager at Coveo

With the Coveo Relevance Cloud, every support organization can deliver the contextual and personalized digital journeys that experience leaders such as Salesforce, Tableau and Xero offer to their customers and employees - using search, data and AI.

Join our live demo to find out how Coveo can help you: 

  • Unify and rank the most relevant content from siloed repositories
  • Detect customer intent and use previous interaction data to predict what they’ll need next
  • Empower agents with insights on the full customer support journey
  • Surface the most relevant knowledge for the case at hand
  • Measure case deflection, identify content gaps, and track cost savings for every case deflected

Our expert will walk you through some of our customers’ support sites to show you what relevant support experiences look like!


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