Deliver Effortless Customer Support through AI-Powered Search & Recommendations

Duration: 30 mins

Presented By:

Andrew Byers

Manager Business Development - Coveo

Coco Deng-Kral

Sales Engineer - Coveo

As 2020 has brought a new reality into our lives and businesses, customers have been going online to look for answers and support, and their satisfaction and loyalty is more important than ever. Social distancing does not mean disengaging with your customer. It’s now time to focus on delivering the intelligent and personalized self-service experiences your customers are expecting. 

Watch this demo of AI-powered search and recommendations to learn how digital leaders like Tableau Software, VMware and Ringcentral have transformed their customer service experiences using intelligent search. 

Topics include:

  • Reducing ticket submissions with AI-powered content recommendations
  • What your search bar can tell you about your customers 
  • Redesigning your digital customer service experience to enable effortless and personalized self-service
  • Discover the AI superpowers behind Amazon-like service experiences

How would Coveo search and recommendations transform your organization?

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