On-Demand Webinar

Self-Service Best Practices for Salesforce Community Cloud

Ezmie Bouchard

Product Manager at Coveo

It’s no surprise when it comes to resolving issues and finding information, customers prefer to self-serve. And organizations prefer it too because it dramatically reduces support costs. But if you want to make great self-service a reality on your Salesforce Community you need to give customers an intelligent and intuitive search experience and proactively recommend content that can help.

Watch this webinar to learn tips and best practices we’ve seen our customers implement to increase self-service success & boost case deflection.

In this webinar, we:

  • Dive into what great self-service looks like and show you the formula for creating relevant support experiences
  • Share case study examples of successful Salesforce Communities using Coveo
  • Answer questions about AI-powered search and recommendations capabilities
If you’re a Customer Service Innovator, a Community Manager, or interested in the latest self-service trends, you won’t want to miss this info-packed session on the power of AI-powered search and recommendations to boost customer self-service.