On-Demand Webinar

Secrets to a Successful and Engaging Customer Community

Duration: 45 minutes

Presented By:

Matt Krebsbach

Senior Manager Boomiverse

Dell Boomi

Adam Brown

Vice-President - Sr. Account Executive

7 Summits

Bonnie Chase

Director, Product Marketing at Coveo

Customer communities can be a key driver in self-service success, but many companies starting out with a community struggle with engagement. A successful community experience can improve customer loyalty, reduce support caseload, and help capture the voice of the customer for product improvements. So how do you turn a stagnant community into an engaging one? 

In this webinar, Matt Krebasch from Dell Boomi and Adam Brown from 7Summits will share their secrets for success in turning Dell Boomiverse into the thriving community it is today, including how to: 

  • Increase engagement in your customer community
  • Get executive buy-in for community investment
  • Build a community implementation roadmap
  • And more best practices
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